This is really terrible that this came out from someone in the middle of TM, 
 It is just terrible confirmation of what all the false apostates of TM are 
saying about 
 the integrity of TM. 
  This is really sad for all the good work that is being done otherwise in TM. 
  Who wrote that subject line and sent it out?

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 They did this before, manipulating a Washington Post article.

 From the index:
 Sanitizing the Fairfield Story
 TMO editing PR (NYTimes article):
TMO editing PR (Washington Post article)  


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 Sounds like they drove by the parking lot and noticed the Bernie bumper 
stickers.  LOL.  

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 Om, the bell (of invincibility?) tolls for integrity.. 
 Old TM'ers quite evidently are masters of spin, the Drs of spin. 
 Who crafted that subject line and sent it out? 

 Share writes:


 Bernie was at the convention center near the town square. He wasn't on the MUM 

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 classic movement spin, or campaign spin?
 Who sent this subject line?
 Is this being forwarded around?

 Did Bernie visit MUM? At all? 
 Before or after he was at the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center?
 Bernie drove by MUM possibly.  



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 The transcendental meditationists 

 who turned an Iowa farm town into a Bernie base

 The transcendental meditationists who turned an Iowa farm town into a Bernie 
 The transcendental meditationists who turned an Iowa far...
 Fairfield, the enlightenment capital of southeast Iowa, is backing Sen. 
Sanders in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

 View on www.washingtonpos...
 Preview by Yahoo

 With the caucuses just days away, this unlikely mecca for practitioners of 
Transcendental Meditation is getting a jolt of activity. There have been visits 
from Hillary Clinton, as well as HUD Secretary Julián Castro, her 
who-knows-maybe potential running mate. Ted Cruz drew a big crowd to the small 
convention center here on a Tuesday night.
 But it was Bernie Sanders whose visit Thursday got the most buzz about town — 
and it’s he who might benefit most from the Maharishi effect.
 “He represents a higher level of cognitive development,” said Sam Farling, a 
volunteer organizer here for Sanders. “Hillary Clinton may have the almost 
militaristic level of organizing — but we have the passion.” 










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