I am not convinced the citizenry is ready to actuate the revolution Mr. Sanders 
indicates will be needed *after* enacting him president.  The revolution needs 
to precede the election of a new kind of leader; one person cannot effect 
change alone.  I do not feel the level of commitment needed yet; we have not 
suffered enough.  Electing the Donald might tip the scales among the masses, 
might generate the level of outrage necessary to tip the scales in favor of a 
new understanding of the necessity of leadership based on a foundation of good 
principle, "of and for the people," with agreement on the need for "checks and 
balances."  When one is acting in accordance with good principle, votes are not 
bought and paid for. We will learn this the hard way if we elect the Donald.   
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 Yes, the terrified citizens of the US had better take heed and elect the 
Trumpster, ensuring that WWIII will begin …
 A brilliant reply to the various points of the article. 
 Bernie should hire you to shill for him. 
 However, as an old hippie, he probably doesn’t pay his staff or his shills.
 Please consider moving to Canada if the Donald is elected. 
 I hear back4less is allowing squatters on her stolen Esquimalt land.
 You outta fit right in with them.

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