Cash flow for the TM movement is not what it once was and there is a reality to 
this now for operating the movement. Things are tight, cramped and impinged on.

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 Well, actually there were some poor Rajas who were paid in to position by 
friends.  Recall the David Wants to Fly video?  

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 MMY was the one who set up the organization and the criteria for granting the 
raja status.  Who are we to question his wisdom?  IMO, MMY was trying to select 
the "movers and shakers" in the world.  Thus, he would rather select those who 
have shown themselves to be leaders among people.  And, one measure of 
leadership is wealth and being able to pay for the title within the TMO.  This 
method of selection was in keeping with MMY's understanding of Karma Yoga.  
IOW, in order to be successful, you capture the fortress first in order to win 
the entire battle.  Or, you win the war first, rather than the battle.


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 Well that's not fair! Don't you think there should be some poor rajas?


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 I thought that the main criteria for being a Raja is to be able to afford the 
title given by the TMO, which probably about one million dollars or higher.


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 In TM I should like to see the Rajas fully integrated by women. Don't just 
keep women off to the side as 'lady' Rajettes. Give women the same equal title 
at that level in TM.   It is time.  The shrinking pool of remaining talent is 
too small to not equally draft and include women at that level in TM.  


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 Two generals recommended this idea to a senate panel.  What do you think?




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