Some how, I take this as a pitch not to register men or women.

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 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Women Should be Drafted into the Military
    No, this is throwing the hypothetical as your best pitch that is like the 
pitch of old slave interests coming up with excuses to retain the institution 
of slavery, ..that African races should need to be looked after because they 
can’t do it for themselves. ..for their own safety.  No it is an old thinking 
of a special conservatism to hold back a humanity from progressing in expansion 
of civil liberty and enfranchising basic human rights of freedom. 
..but false myths set forth and frequently repeated:
I love this picture, the grandson of a slave.. free Ira needed no master..
Liberty, equality, fraternity. 
In our American armed forces, if men are to be registered for the 
draft,register women equally.  In principle we will all be better for it.  

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Not an insult to women. More like an insult to men. Men in combat could be 
overly protective of female comrades to the point of it being a distraction.

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 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Women Should be Drafted into the Military
 Om, you are being very severe of the female sex here. I knowplenty of farm 
women you would not want to wrestle with. They'd doplenty good digging fox 
holes or being behind a gun sight too. OurUS army should be an equal 
opportunity employer. Absolutely.  Register and Draft women too if it comes to 
a draft.  

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Well, if everyone played by the rules. Serious people intent on having their 
way when it comes to war say *screw* the rules, I'm gonna win! I'm sending 100% 
of my best men against their mixed, politically correct, defenses.

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 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Women Should be Drafted into the Military

 That keeping women out of armies and war is cultural,  the use of scriptural 
argument to accomplish that is just patrician hocus.  The keeping of women 
human beings out of war is mostly about protectingproperty.  There would be 
fewer wars if everyone should be drafted in to them.Let our standing armies be 
demographically balanced.

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Breaking clean with the norm,
" escape what she later described as the “sphere prescribed by nature and 
custom to the female sex,”

“I could not understand why I had notthought of my plan for nearly two years. 
My grief-stricken mothernow described woman's lot in even more horrific colors.
Martial ardor flared in my soul withincredible force; my mind swarmed with 
dreams, and I began searchingactively for means to realize my previous 
intentions: to become awarrior and and a son to my father and to part company 
forever fromthe sex whose sad lot and eternal dependence had begun to terrify 
I became absorbed in my own thoughts:and so I am at liberty. Free! Independent! 
I have taken the freedomthat is rightfully mine – that is a precious gift from 
heaven,the inalienable prerogative of every human being! I have found away to 
take it and guard it from all future claims against it; fromnow until my grave 
it will be my portion and my reward!”
Jai! Jai!-Nadezhda Durova

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Women should never be in combat for the very reasons you mention.What I find 
confounding though is why would women, who advocate pacifism, nonviolence, anti 
war etc. even propose that women should be drafted? It seems that *anything you 
can do, I can do better* over rides reason.

For me, I certainly wouldn't want to go fight in any war or be subjected to 
life-threatening aggression from a host of others who want to kill me via 
bullet, bomb or land mine but to imply that women should be spared this due to 
some reason having to do with their gentler natures and their need to raise the 
kiddies at home is just plain silly. Personally, I believe men to be a tad more 
war-mongering and aggressive, in general, than women but their ability and 
courage in combat is not superior to a woman's. Women are bloody brutal when 
they have a mind to be and are certainly as courageous and determined as any 
man given a reason to be. But, if you guys want to start and fight the wars, be 
my guest - although it seems a pity so much time and life is wasted on such 
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Of course they have.You ask what kind of person, would go off and do that?Even 
dress the part to get to go along to war?Someone yearning of adventure, an 
itching to get to see.
On similar impulse and calculation, I know someone, a young girl who dressed 
the partof a young boy to be able to join in re-enacting warwhere women were 
not allowed in battle re-enacting units (..because it was assumed and normative 
rules said that women of course were not fighting in the wars and therefore 
should not be out on the 're-enactment' battle fields..).
This young girl figured out how to stand like a young guy, dropped her voice, 
flatten her features, had a uniform like everyone else, shared the privations 
like everyone else, could do the manual of arms as good as or better than 
everyone else. Looked quite authentic to the role to the point of being invited 
in with really crack infantry units going in to battle.
She did it for some years in infantry units without it being known to any along 
in hermess. Shared all the exertion of it. Was really good at and loved the 
craft itself of soldieringand being part of something with others and having 
that special comradeship that can come from it.
War is also social and is a young person's game.Some just wonder about it and 
go to see. Some have initiative while others just stay home.
Of course women have been in combat. There is a famous scene of an American 
woman taking on the raking firing of a cannon as the gun crew had been shot 
down in our American Revolutionary War against the tyranny of those English. 
More than just 'going along', scholarship now on the American War of the 
Rebellion is finding a number of women in the armies then soldiering along.
Is there a women wearing a Raja crown and robe sitting on the stage that we 
don't know about?

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Nadezhda Durova The Cavalry Maiden
Journals of a Female Russian Officer in the Napoleonic Wars
“..In September of that year 1806 Ndezhda Durova (1783-1866), disguised as a 
boy, ran away from her home in the foothills of the Ural mountains and joined 
the Russian cavalry. That she could do so is not surprising: women throughout 
history have been swept up in war. Durova, however, is exceptional among them 
in her determination to escape what she later described as the “sphere 
prescribed by nature and custom to the female sex,” in her dedication to the 
military vocation and, above all, in her gift to posterity of a lengthy account 
of nine years of service during which she saw combat in the 1807 and 1812-1814 
wars against Napoleon.”

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Any society that sends its women off to war has got its values all wrong. What 
sort of man sends his woman to fight his battles for him? Feminism may have 
achieved many good things, but the notion that women should be allowed in 
combat is not one of them. And what sort of woman wants to go into combat? 
Where did she get that idea from? 

Think about this, ladies: you are in a movie theater with your 
husband/boyfriend. A crazy guy comes in and starts shooting. What does your man 
do? He throws himself on top of you or in some other way puts his own body 
between you and the shooter, that's what he does. It is instinct. All normal 
men would do this in an instant, without a thought. Men are hard-wired to 
protect women, not to send them out to the front lines to come home with limbs 
missing and brains damaged. Women in combat is a terrible idea and should never 
be allowed to happen. 


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