Yes, it's strange.  Mentally you're still there.  Even still there ninth grade 
like.  But unless you've made a conscious effort to stay pretty much in tip top 
shape, the deficiencies show themselves early on.  

 Looks like I will be having a chance to go skiing in March, but gravity is 
doing all the work there, so doesn't count.  

 I had to help a friend do a controlled burn on his fifty acres yesterday, and 
it was quite an effort to go up and down the hill with my blower to keep the 
flames away from the dry weeds.  Reality check. Yea, reality check.


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 Well, from one jock to the next, I remember the bloody wind sprints and all 
the rest of it. I managed to "make" the track team which was comprised of 9-12 
graders even though I was in 8th grade. I could sprint the 100m like the wind 
and we competed all over Europe when I attended school in London. I was fast 
(only beaten once), but it was all adrenaline. I was also on a few other 
varsity teams and even tried my hand at hurdling while still in London but that 
takes some guts. I just liked pure speed without the obstacles, thank you very 
much. And at the ripe old age of 59 I'm still stupid enough to climb on the 
back of a horse every day. I figure, if you don't take a few life-threatening 
chances at least a few times a day you might as well be dead.

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 Yes, the meditating Fairfield folkart community gathered enjoying its annual 
marathon viewing of the Arts&E 1995 Pride and Prejudice as contrast to the 
professional football stupid bowl of damaged brains.

 Other than Steve and maybe Mike, to a lesser degree, there isn't a jock on 
this forum. I don't think any of the men and women who post here, or who used 
to post here, ever lifted a tennis racket, kicked a football or threw a pitch 
in their lives. They all remind me of pasty couch potatoes and probably the 
most active thing any of them have done is lift a tome off a book shelf or 
bounced around on a large piece of foam.

 Pride and Prejudice (1995) Trailer (1080p)
 Pride and Prejudice (1995) Trailer (1080p) Description

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 Good game?  Good commercials?  I'm with you on Lady Gaga, though.

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 Lady Gagag knocked the ball out of the park with her Star Spangled Banner


 Good game so far.
 Even better commercials.

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