I like this Armstrong quote, seems atheists are just new religionists coming 
along in sheep skins aching to explain their experience to larger flocks. 

 ..and, we find now in their writings that these modern day atheists after 
their thrashing of fundamentalism are meditationists. 

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 John, you may find this interesting. 

 "Historically, atheism has rarely been a blanket denial of the sacred per se 
but has nearly always rejected a particular conception of the divine.  At an 
early stage of their history, Christians and Muslims were both called 
"atheists" by their pagan contemporaries, not because they denied the reality 
of God but because their conception of divinity was so different that it seemed 
blasphemous.  Atheism is therefore parasitically dependent on the form of 
theism it seeks to eliminate and becomes it's reverse mirror image.  Classical 
Western atheism was developed during the nineteenth and early twentieth 
centuries by Feurbach, Marx, Nietzsche, and Freud, whose ideology was 
essentially a response to and dictated by the theological perception of God 
that had developed in Europe and the United States during the modern period.  
The more recent atheism of Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and Sam 
Harris is rather different, because it has focused exclusively on the God 
developed by the fundamentalisms, and all three insist that fundamentalism 
constitutes the essence and core of all religions." ~The Case For God by Karen 

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 Yes, they do.  Atheists are fairly similar to Satanists who were able to 
eliminate the use of prayers in Arizona.  For them, the image of satan is a 
metaphorical symbol against any established religions.  But, for most of them, 
satan does not exist like the gods in myths and legends.  IMO, what exists for 
them is their own individual selves.


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 Re: "So, why do atheists want others to believe what they believe? 

 Do they?  

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 The atheist's belief that their are no gods, transcendence or Samadhi is 
similarly an non-religious ideology.  But, by the atheist's definition, there 
is no support of Nature nor transcendence which cannot be proved on a 
scientific basis.  So, why do atheists want others to believe what they believe?


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 To argue that "spiritual experience" is conformable only to the definitions 
of the TMO is to admit that TM is only a belief system. No experience of 
Transcendence/Samadhi is actually necessary when the belief system reigns 

People who inhabit the "Domes of Doctrine" have separated their meditative 
experience and their "innocent, native transcendence" and are inhabiting the 
hierarchy of TMO indoctrination just to keep their badge.

This is the very definition of a religious ideology.

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