That's a good point.  

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 Mckenna is right, American football players do *spear*(lead with their heads 
when tackling)their opponents, How, it is rare because it's against the rules 
and heavily penalized. Anyone being tackled will have referees watching it, so 
it's hard to get away with. The idea is to tackle with the shoulders, not hit 
with the top of the head.

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   Would love to see two NFL teams square off in a game of "touch" football! 
LOL.  Saw part of a rugby game recently and wondered why they weren't wearing 
helmets.  Here's the scoop on that, from an article in the Guardian:

 "While American football may be a niche interest in the UK, rugby is often 
seen as similarly dangerous – so should David Cameron be as worried as 
President Obama? Not according to Jim McKenna, a professor of physical activity 
and health at Leeds Metropolitan University (and a 
rugby coach). He points out that American footballers tackle with their heads, 
butting each other in a way seldom seen in rugby. "They butt the opposition and 
their head is the tip of the missile, with an enormous body of weight behind 
them," says McKenna. Meanwhile, the helmets and padding the US sportsmen wear 
can actually make the situation worse, he thinks, encouraging them to use more 
 In rugby it is spinal injuries from scrums that are the most dangerous (110 
rugby players in Britain have been paralysed by playing the game
 Allyson Pollock, a professor of public health, says that she is very worried 
about amateur rugby players, and especially children. Coaches, she says, are 
not properly trained to look out for the signs of concussion or taught how to 
deal with it – although it can have serious problems for children's learning 
and cognitive functions. She would like to see large-scale studies of the 
effects of such injuries, and says the sport establishment needs to think 
carefully about tackles. In 2010, she called for scrums to be banned after a 
study found that 190 rugby matches at Scottish schools resulted in 37 injuries. 
"Most children are not going to go professional, so why are their bodies being 
mauled and mashed and battered?"



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 I agree with Doug on this. Football gives you brain damage. What a horrible 
thing to inflict on these young men just to entertain the populace and allow 
some people to make lots of money. 

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 It was the 50th professional football stupid bowl, will it last another decade 
in its present form? Apparently enrollment in junior and high school football 
programs is way off. Will it have sufficient recruits to draft out of college 
programs in four years? 
  Football asks way more from the human body than it can give. It becomes 
simply immoral to support it any longer given what we know about its injuries. 
How many more hits can they sustain before they simply must change to become 
the Professional League of Touch Football? ! ..The Super Bowl of Touch 
Football.. !  

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 Yes, the meditating Fairfield folkart community gathered enjoying its annual 
marathon viewing of the Arts&E 1995 Pride and Prejudice as contrast to the 
professional football stupid bowl of damaged brains. 

 Pride and Prejudice (1995) Trailer (1080p)
 Pride and Prejudice (1995) Trailer (1080p) Description

 View on 
 Preview by Yahoo 




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 Good game?  Good commercials?  I'm with you on Lady Gaga, though.

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 Lady Gagag knocked the ball out of the park with her Star Spangled Banner


 Good game so far.
 Even better commercials.






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