Oh no! I'm on a learning curve here and I now see that you have 
 Superdelegates are current or former party leaders, including governors, 
senators, representatives, and former presidents and vice presidents. 
Superdelegates aren't bound by primaries or caucus results to cast their votes 
— they can vote for whomever they want at the party convention.


 Are you sure you don't want to revert to a monarchy? Anyone challenges The 
Queen she simply has their head cut off.



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 What's the point?  

 I was listening to Yank playwright Bonnie Greer today and she mentioned 
something that really shook me: Trump has no chance of becoming President (no - 
that bit didn't shake me!) because even if he wins every caucus/primary he 
contests the Republican bigwigs will block his candidature. That last bit was 
the shocker.

 So these primaries are in the end just advisory! The Democrat and GOP 
establishments will just pat you on the head and tell you they will "listen" to 
your concerns. 

 Has it ever actually happened in US history that the popular choice for 
Presidential contender - Red or Blue -has been overturned at the final hurdle?

 It's freezing out there. Stay indoors.



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 Law in Iowa requires employers to give people time off if they don't have at 
least 3 hours to caucus during caucus hours. Pass it on! A lot of people I'm 
hearing from don't know this and think they can't vote Bernie Monday because 
they have to work! But they can. We need to get the word out! Empower the 
 Iowa Code § 49.109
 Please tell your friends.

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