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 Speaking of ATT, I remember Michael Armstrong, who was the CEO of ATT, (he had 
come from IBM), was also frustrated as WorldCom was always outperforming ATT is 
all the metrics that investors watch.  Turns out  Bernie Ebbers, CEO of 
WorldCom was cooking the books. 

 Poor Mikey!

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   I don't understand why everyone is so confounded by Trump. I sat in a lot of 
corporate meetings and men (and  women) like him are everywhere.

 We called them "frat rats" back in the day.  They're are the pedigreed who 
have the connections and are groomed to run companies.  They have the mindset 
of a salesman.  I had a CEO once ask me before a company meeting "is Compuserve 
the Internet"?  Mind you this was the mid 1990s and he had been in software for 
almost 10 years and didn't know the difference.  
 What I observed is how "brute force" these people operate and forge ahead 
blindly.  Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't.  Many bought into the 
business school rage of "acquisitions" which cost many people their jobs 
because when you acquire a company you lay off divisions that duplicate what 
you already have.
 Good example of blindly forging ahead and blundering would be telecom execs 
like Randall Stephenson probably talking up the profits that ATT would make off 
their IPTV when trends changed and people started cable cutting.  First 
reaction was to punish cutters by throttling them which is technically illegal 
because you've paid for a service that is supposed to provide you with a 
certain bitrate.  So then ATT buys DirecTV and is try to wean IPTV customers 
off so they can use those IPTV pipes for cord cutters. :-D 
 I guess it is surprising to a lot of people how ugly corporate business has 
become, with a winner take all/loser gets nothing attitude, and a flood of 
overly macho, war and sports oriented rhetoric. Guys like Trump are a dime a 
dozen. People make him out to be some sort of anomaly, perhaps not wanting to 
believe the country is full of such individuals. Ooops.
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 Yep, this nails it pretty well.  He's in it for the *win* and increasingly 
seems to believe his own narrative.  He's completely insane.  

 Yes he is and those who find him to be their 'answer' are blind and committed 
to repeating history within 70 years of WWII with all its atrocities and 
brutalities brought on by Hitler and his henchmen. I don't get it, not at all. 
What a stink, what hate lies within the crevices of American society and Trump 
is someone so full of the same that he has appealed to those who want an excuse 
to let all of this pus, this rottenness come to the surface. But, this is no 
purification process, this is becoming a mob scene where the worst of what 
makes up human's baser characteristics is taking over. I am becoming more 
horrified by the day.  
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