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 I also have a customer, who is also a good friend. He is a Trump supporter, 
and, I have to say a purveyor of many of those right wing web sites which 
present totally false information.

 But somehow we have developed a good friendship, although for the most part, 
we avoid political topics.

 I wrote a little bit about his wedding a while back, (wearing his gun in the 
small of his back) and he was the one I helped with the controlled blaze on his 
property in the country last weekend. That began with a full country breakfast 
at his mothers house which she has once a month for the extended family.

 Yea, different ideologies can be bridged.


 Scalia-Ginsburg friendship bridged opposing ideologies -
 Scalia-Ginsburg friendship bridged opposing ideologies...
 Polar opposites on the bench, Justices Antonin Scalia and Ruth Bader Ginsburg 
had a long, deep, an unexpected friendship.

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