Om! The situation could use a great ‘mediator’ to reconcile some forgiveness 
from both sides, the strict preservationists and the practitioners, to save its 
communal group meditation.   

---In, <> wrote :

 FW:  Secondly, many hundreds, if not thousands, of Sidhas and Governors all 
over the 
 country are convinced that 'the worst', more glaring (and most damaging) 
 example of violation of the excellent and true principles .. is the so-called 
'monitoring' system of the IAA Grant. 
 Statistics .. carefully kept (with the help of MUM and other statistical 
experts) show 
 that it was this 'monitoring' system that mainly (not only) stopped 14 
 months (year-on-year) of higher Super Radiance participation dead in its 
 in the month of August, 2012, and has resulted in 40 consecutive lower months 
 since it went in 



---In, <> wrote :

 It seems an upper leadership is incredibly isolated.  It’s no wonder the 
leaders and the larger movement community have moved away from each other and 
it has gone the way it has.   Is pitiable really, given the science and 
spirituality at stake.  

---In, <> wrote :



 They have a cultural problem
  built in to the guidelines that they use to judge meditators.  We have long 
been losing numbers of meditators faster than they can manufacture them.  It is 
going to take a revolutionary culture change inside the leadership to right 
this.  Can it happen fast enough?  Can culture change happen in the movement at 
the top fast enough to save itself and us? 

 upfronter writes:  

 Perhaps one reason why there is not 100% attendance is because a lot of people 
do not actually believe that what they are being told in such a matter-of-fact 
way is accurate and factual. 

 A meditator continues to meditate because they have a clear and subjectively 
recognisable benefit from doing so. 


 It is true in some number of cases that as some people are meditators they are 
are not necessarily interested in doing the 'long' program much anymore.  
Meditators yes, but not doing the TM-sidhis.

 But when it moves into the arena of expanded applied Vedic philosophies, as 
nice as these are in creating interests and spawning various communities, it 
appears to some, now with hindsight due to early pioneers, that this is just 
guesswork, wishful thinking or ideological fervour.


 emptybill writes:
 Fairfield is now the Damascus of Iowa. 
All those duplicitous yajña-s are scams that the devata-s easily see.
Why would they want to come and abide there?

---In, <> wrote :

 It seems a leadership is isolated from its meditaors and so unable to redeem 
itself that the conflict is worst than stalemate and the group meditation 
languishes. By many metrics the movement is running out.

---In, <> wrote :


 Yep, is a sorry thing to watch those so hopeful and earnest TM ideologues at 
the top of TM and see how they have lost it so badly with the movement.  It 
seems they can’t see it at all and as they would honestly do so they are so 
afraid of making a mistake if they should change anything that they have done, 

 seventhray27 writes:



Funny Andy Griffith Gives Cam Newton Advice On Winning And Losing
 Funny Andy Griffith Gives Cam Newton Advice On Wi... Ok Ok Ok.... so we all know that 
Cam Newton doesn't make an especially effective "Opie" - but the roles are a 
slam dunk for the way Cam Newton has act...

 View on 
 Preview by Yahoo 



---In, <> wrote :

 Who would want to subject themselves to the interrogation of their private 
lives judged against some unknown and unseen guidelines by people judging that 
you don’t even meet in the process?  It is set up to instill a weirdness in the 
group and inject a marinated fear in to the mind of the Dome meditation. 

---In, <> wrote :

 There’s a communal problem here, in meditators not wanting to go to the Domes 
for that group meditation anymore.  Seems there has been a lot of communal hurt 
and disenfranchisement around the group meditation there.

---In, <> wrote :

 The group meditation numbers in the movement Domes are really tiny now.  
 This is a communal problem here. 

 There are over 1,500 Sidhas and Governors in Fairfield and Maharishi Vedic 
City. It would be good if all of us could participate in group program 

---In, <> wrote :



 ---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Dome Announcements <>
Date: Wed, Feb 10, 2016 at 10:11 PM
Subject: Timely message about the next months

 Dear Yogic Flyer, Creator of World Peace: 

 The Maharishi Jyotishis have informed us that the next 4-5 weeks are a 
particularly important time, and that it would be extremely helpful to have as 
much coherence in the U.S. as possible.

 Everyone is aware that we are facing a challenging period. We are seeing wide 
swings in the financial markets, deep political divisions and extremism, and 
violent outbreaks in the U.S. and in many countries.

 Maharishi has given us the supreme technologies of Yoga and Yagya to transform 
times like these into periods of positive transformation; we must simply employ 
them to a sufficient degree. 

 There are over 1,500 Sidhas and Governors in Fairfield and Maharishi Vedic 
City. It would be good if all of us could participate in group program during 
this delicate period, especially from February 20 – March 15, but also on a 
continuing basis throughout 2016.

 Jai Guru Dev

 Raja John Hagelin
 Dr. Bevan Morris





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