Human existence is conditioned by the trigunas. It is when pure existence 
projects itself into time-space (which is its own creation) the gunas come into 
play. As human you are gifted with imagination. Can you conceive of an 
existence before the trigunas. That is pure existence.

Yes, mind cannot know this reality. You have to experience it. Which means you 
have to stop being human. If you experience that reality, neither you (ego) nor 
your mind exist in that reality and this external reality of the earth's 
motion where you are now embedded has no meaning there because motion is in 
time-space and time-space ceases in that reality. You as the embedded observer 
here now, also cease because you are completely identified with the 'pure 
existence' and are viewing reality - which is not a conditioned reality - 
from that standpoint. This does not involve the mind at all because mind is 
composed of the trigunas and that from which you then is free of the trigunas. 
In that state of reality, there is no protoplasm or motion or non-motion.

When l say you have to experience it, l mean the essential you (soul). When it 
has been experienced by some, it is also experiencable by you.
The experience is in a consciousness beyond the mind. The Mother Mirra says: 
“The whole, entire universe moves forward with fantastic speed and in perfect 
immobility. Words seem idiotic, but you can feel this – you can feel it, see 
it, live it. A luminous immobility moving forward with fantastic speed.  In 
that immobility there is perfect transparency … and the problem does not exist: 
the solution comes ahead of the problem. That is to say, things organize 
themselves (gesture showing the movement of universal forces) in such a way 
that they can change positions or take a different place in order to express 
the new thing that must be expressed: something new constantly enters the 
manifestation (as if emerging from the Nonmanifest), it enters the 
manifestation and transforms. And it takes place automatically. A vast, immense 
movement … (Mother smiles with her eyes closed) in which one can participate 
only if one is perfectly peaceful and calm and translucent. ”
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