>>> Mind is not ignorant because one is sent to be born a human being with the 
>>> instructions of how to perform the role <<<

Mind is a creature of the trigunas and hence it cannot be the highest 
consciousness. You have to go beyond. When you follow your mind you are 
manmukh. When you follow the soul you are Gurmukh. Soul is beyond the gunas. 
The knowledge within is contained there.

>>> This is where the relevance of scriptures and the guru comes in. <<<

The Guru is the soul. 

>>>. God has provided these for the human to follow them  <<<

All scriptures are manmade. You have to access the instructions in the soul.

>>> Emancipation depends on how well s/he obeys the instructions within. <<<

To access the guidance you have to rise in consciousness or open up the 
subliminimal. That means the inner mind by
 turning away from the surface mind. The subliminal is a better guide though 
not infaaliable, since it is still in the domain of gunas. Secondly the inner 
guidance is not an imperative command. You have still the freedom to be a 

What binds you are the three cords. Nolini Kanta Gupta explains:
(Nolini was a disciple of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother Mirra Alfassa)
[The first restraint is the barrier of the mind, the middle knot bars the 
subliminal, the lower knot is of the physical]

SUNAHSHEPA, the human creature, says the Vedic Rishi, is bound to the stake 
with three cords: one on the top, the second in the middle and the third below. 
Sunahshepa cries out to God Varuna to be freed from the triple bondage. The God 
is pleased and cuts the topmost cord and throws it upward, he cuts the middle 
cord and throws it on either side, he cuts the downmost cord and throws it 
downward. Thus Sunahshepa is freed through the Grace of King Varuna.

The three cords are the three limitations of being and con­sciousness in the 
normal human creature.

There is a wall or barrier up in the mind which shuts out the higher levels of 
consciousness that are beyond the mind – the worlds of vision and revelation, 
of the Truth and the Vast.
The middle knot shuts out the world around and abroad and limits the being to 
the ego, prevents the individual person from communicating with the Universal 
Being and Consciousness. It is the well­ known knot of the heart – 
hrdayagranthi – the crux and kernel of the egoistic consciousness. It centres 
the whole being on itself, limits it to itself, does not let it go out of 
itself to belong to the world-being. It is also the pull that prevents the 
being from diving down into its true personality, the psychic, and finding its 
union with the inner Divine. This ego-centred knot has to be cut through and 
the thread to be scattered into the infinity of the deepest and of the widest 
The last barrier at the base of the human consciousness is the hard crust of 
the physical and the material being. It is closed to the regions behind, the 
occult sources of all external movements. This too has to be pulled down and 
thrown into the gulfs of non-existence – primal Prakriti, out of which they are 
born – so that the subliminal ranges of consciousness emerge and manifest 
God Varuna is invoked because he is the Lord of the Vast Consciousness, he it 
is that opens out the passage and leads the human being into worlds of the 
Vast, the Truth – Ritam, Brihat – from mortality to immortality.

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