Truth and Consequences, The Sin of the Spin,

 Nice post, Upfronter. This is really well written critique as it speaks to the 
dangers we have in our collective story of our communal TM standard of ethics 
as a corporate spiritual group.  

 It comes at a good time for what are processes of internal cultural review 
that are going on inside TM right now.  Thanks, makes a good link about the 
consequences of ethic as a leading economic indicator that is mighty pertinent 
right now.   



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 “Teacher briefly glances at initiation form to check the criteria for mantra 
selection (age and/or sex) and to preserve the illusion of personal mantra 
 In other words, alter the truth that mantra selection is based solely on age 
and sex and create an illusion that it is something else, i.e. unique and 
created, perhaps by some special yogic power to personally suit the initiate. 
The mantra will work either way but why create this illusion and does it matter?


 Now personally I find this quite disturbing because Truth is absolute and 
veering away from Truth by embellishment, exaggeration, trickery or outright 
deception will not be without its natural consequences. Here could be a 
fracture in the overall Organization which is difficult to heal. I see Truth as 
being that which is radiated into ones surroundings from the spiritual being 
within, and so if that Truth is tainted in any way then the radiated spiritual 
vibrations will also fly those tainted colours, as it were, but if the Truth is 
pure then pure vibrations are radiated into the environment.


 The NSR people, for instance, tell it “as it is” and the technique works well 
without distortion of any truth. I mention this example because "the end result 
is justified by the means" without embellishment. 


 It may be that in a culture where bartering has been the norm for millennia, 
it is expected to create an illusion about the commodity in question in the 
mind of the purchaser or the one receiving the service, in order that the 
highest subjective value is perceived. But when dealing with absolute Truth, as 
a Vedic master claims to do, then creating an illusion separate to the 
existence of the truth in question is questionable for some and nothing short 
of lying for others.

 It seems natural for many people that “the end justifies the means”, i.e. 
people learn to meditate so it doesn’t matter if they are tricked or lied to in 
order for this to come about. However, for me personally, I cannot accept this 
apparent truth.

 For many, it not only seemed natural for MMY to be justified in "tricking" his 
way into Guru Dev’s life, but, relishing the story as he told thousands of 
people of his little ruse, indicates to me that deception towards a justified 
end is even granted some kind of special status.

 The problem, I believe, is that when one accepts all this illusion-creation as 
not only natural but desirable in certain circumstances, then it is not a wise 
thing at all, because not only is Truth distorted from its own natural pure 
flow, but the creator of illusion cannot truly be believed in anything else he 
or she says because it must always be tested as to its content for exaggeration 
or justified deception – at least, this is true for those who perceive an 
injustice in creating an illusion from a specific truth.

 For instance, decades ago MMY would say that all a man has to do is meditate 
twice a day and "he will be right". Decades later, MMY is saying that unless a 
man lives in a building based on Vastu Architecture, then that man “will never 
be right, never be right, never be right”. So, to me personally, this is more 
of that ”illusion-creation” which is permitted to be used because “the end 
justifies the means” in the sense that people get to live in such buildings 
which “may” have some special effect but which is probably psychological, and 
also because another MMY project gains a foothold on this planet.

 While I do not doubt that some yogic powers have effects not able to be 
explained by science, demonstration of such powers only bolsters secondary 
offerings amongst those willingly accepting everything said from the mouth of a 
master who can conscientiously alter truth to create an untrue illusion (a lie) 
to achieve an end which is beneficial if not purely altruistic. 


 So, again for instance, if MMY categorically states that Vedic Astrology 
cannot be challenged as to its authentic ability to interpret current and 
future events and likelihoods, then thousands of people will just accept this 
as unquestionable truth, and so such a such a planet passing through such a 
such a constellation proves that “something dangerous will happen” in such a 
such a country in the months of June and July. And lo and behold, a tremor 
occurs in said country in those months and this of course verifies Vedic 
Astrology because the power behind the suggestion turns the desire and mind 
towards specifics rather than generalisations – it becomes true.

 I thank MMY yogi and Guru Dev and all the disciplic line for the priceless 
gift of meditation, but the trappings that are bolstered through the powerful 
results of meditation stay in the illusory sphere for me personally, and my 
participation in events based on such trappings which are accepted as fact, 
such as Vedic Astrology will probably be negatively affected.



 I thought this was a very well thought out post and nicely written. Stick 
around, upfronter.
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 I'd say there's been a "black night of the soul" for many of us regarding M's 

 In the best case, you reconcile it in some manner, and emerge on the other 
side keeping intact some parts, and letting some parts go by the wayside.

 Or, in some cases, people become embittered, and set upon trying to tear down 
the whole teaching.


 And, it also is a work in progress.  You may find that as, or if, your 
experience grows, your perspective changes as well, and you become a little 
more flexible about what you felt, or feel is the "Truth".

 Speaking personally, I think the goal is scale-able, although it may take 
longer than expected and must be coupled with self reflection.

 And then, there's always the chance that as you get close, you may decide to 
bail out.

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 “I don't recall that on my TTC ('72) that we were trained to be as deceptive 
as upfronter is suggesting.”
 I’m sorry if you thought I was suggesting that TM teachers were “trained to be 
as deceptive”. My point, in a nutshell, is that before this practice was ironed 
out (thank you authfriend) MMY thought it quite acceptable to “preserve the 
illusion” of something which was not true.
 I have no gripe against MMY, he has always had my love (and he is often in my 
inner vision). I did expect some defensive reaction as the issues I’ve 
mentioned are passionately in peoples’ hearts. I was simply stating why I 
personally would not be able to accept everything TMO as if there was no 


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