In our case we have both Aldi's and Trader Joe's.  On Valentine's Day, I went 
to the wholesale florist on florist row which is not too far from home.  They 
had "grab and go" roses for $24.00/12.  I debated a while, and then decided I'd 
try Aldi's where I've gotten them in the past.  Sure enough, they had as nice a 
bunch of roses as the florist for about $12.95/12. 

 And yes, their $2.00 chocolate bar is exceptional, in my opinion.

 We just don't get to Trader Joe's much.  It's a little out of the way.  She 
has a different local, upscale grocer that she likes, that is closer.

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 Aldi in the US is Trader Joe's.  I often get by the local one about 6 miles 
away once a month.  I like their dark chocolate bar with is around $2. Also our 
regional grocery chain Raley's, tries to compete with some of their own label 
and yesterday noticed they have launched a line of dark chocolate bars 
including one with espresso in it.  Basically they are cutting out "middle men" 
in doing this so that prices can stay lower.  They have their own line of chips 
and their "Ruffles" like potato chip is the most popular and often out of 
stock.  Lay's prices are much higher like on average $3 for a bag of "Ruffles" 
whereas the house brand is only $2.
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   They do have Aldi in the States. 

 I live in London and I've *never* seen one of their stores. Lidl (also a 
German cut-price supermarket) is far more common here.

 Yank chocolate isn't bad but it's not a patch on UK chocolate.

 Can the Aldi brand really compare with Cadbury's milk chocolate?


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