I didn't know there were any Aldi's in the US but did know the Trader Joe's connection. In fact it Shemp (remember him) who pointed it out years ago on FFL. The things we learn here.

Talk of the day is Starbucks changing their rewards policy. I knew this was coming as they had me do one of their "15 minute" surveys last year where they raised the idea. Of course that survey took more like a half hour and they probably threw mine out because I know too much how this all works from their side of the counter (and mentioned it). I figure they've been having problems for several years because the breakfast goodies have shrunk in size and finally raised in price. I even made jokes about them serving "breakfast sliders" or charging $2.50 for a bitesize muffin. Then they raised prices when coffee beans went up but didn't lower them when the price of beans came down.

The rewards thing I understand partly as it was even their staff who told me to order my drink separately and the breakfast item separately. That way you got a reward for each. Problem was though it didn't happen often were the people who were ordering for "the whole office". Yeah, you would go into Starbucks and there would one person in line in front of you then all of a sudden they would pull out a long list. I would often just leave at that point. But they could also put each drink on a separate charge to get more rewards.

So now the rewards program is going to be 2 rewards points per $1 spent. BUT, it will take 125 points to get a freebie of any item on the menu (currently it is 12 reward points). During winter I would get one of their expensive breakfast sandwiches for free. Summer might often be a reserve premium roast clover drink venti size for the freebie. Those can run $5 or more.

I've also been told that their new mobile order program backs things up too. This new program goes into effect in April.

But I bet it will mean the locally run coffee bars will start doing more business. They just better get their act together.

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In our case we have both Aldi's and Trader Joe's. On Valentine's Day, I went to the wholesale florist on florist row which is not too far from home. They had "grab and go" roses for $24.00/12. I debated a while, and then decided I'd try Aldi's where I've gotten them in the past. Sure enough, they had as nice a bunch of roses as the florist for about $12.95/12.

And yes, their $2.00 chocolate bar is exceptional, in my opinion.

We just don't get to Trader Joe's much. It's a little out of the way. She has a different local, upscale grocer that she likes, that is closer.

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Aldi in the US is Trader Joe's. I often get by the local one about 6 miles away once a month. I like their dark chocolate bar with is around $2. Also our regional grocery chain Raley's, tries to compete with some of their own label and yesterday noticed they have launched a line of dark chocolate bars including one with espresso in it. Basically they are cutting out "middle men" in doing this so that prices can stay lower. They have their own line of chips and their "Ruffles" like potato chip is the most popular and often out of stock. Lay's prices are much higher like on average $3 for a bag of "Ruffles" whereas the house brand is only $2.

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They do have Aldi in the States.

I live in London and I've *never* seen one of their stores. Lidl (also a German cut-price supermarket) is far more common here.

Yank chocolate isn't bad but it's not a patch on UK chocolate.

Can the Aldi brand really compare with Cadbury's milk chocolate?

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