P.S.  If he wins the nomination, I believe Hillary is the only one who will be 
able to take him down.  This is a rather interesting article, including the 
tone and style its written in; gets to the "electability" issue Judy has 
brought up. 

 Bernie Sanders is the Worst Presidential Candidate in History, and You and All 
Your Friends are Idiots 
 Bernie Sanders is the Worst Presidential Candidate in Hi... 
 Every possibly objection to Bernie Sanders, now in one convenient location.
 View on www.pastemagazine... 
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 Now he's got Melania, leading the charge to "humanize" him.  He's 
"misunderstood"...blah, blah, blah.  More strategy to appeal to the 
masses...feeding them more bullshit so they don't have to feel guilty about 
voting him in and ignoring their intuition.  A "strong" America - boy, have we 
swung in the wrong direction in how we define "strong."  The media has a 
responsibility here.  And, the other Republican candidates need to stop acting 
like pansies, stop trying to toot their own horn, and mount a loud and fearless 
offense, giving his followers a reality check.  It's a game of war and the 
salesman is winning and this one "loves" winning at any and all cost.  I ran up 
against this in corporate america—the means justifies the end, if it means 

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 God, I hope you are right.  I find what is going on within the collective 
conscience of so many buying into the megalomaniacal energy  completely 
horrifying and downright terrifying.  For the first time, I have a real sense 
of what Hitler was able to achieve in the populace...human beings are dangerous 
animals when they live out of primal fear, out of touch with themselves as 
spiritual beings.  Everyone must vote; there can be no apathy.  We must stand 
against him.  I may join the Democratic campaign.  

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 One thing to keep in mind is not mistaking his noise for sustained popularity, 
enough to clinch the White House. On the other hand, he has been created, in a 
cheap and ugly way, out of a legitimate frustration at having trusted an 
establishment that has consistently widened the gulf between the haves and 
have-nots, while the middle class funds it all. I trust when the dust settles 
that people will vote for well thought out ideas and experience, that address 
their concerns, vs. electing this guy.  
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 Yep, the guy crossed a line with that little vignette - I can't recall in my 
lifetime when the presumptive nominee for either major party said he'd like to 
punch someone in the face. Beyond disgusting - He is done. I agree it shows his 
absolute shallowness, and pandering to our basest emotions.

 I heard him say after his win in Nevada that it proves he can do anything he 
wants, say anything he wants (including kill someone - he actually included 
this) and people still love him. He was serious.

 When I awoke to my alarm clock with the news as my wake up call it was 
chilling (and alarming).  There was the Trump crowd shouting in what could only 
described as the equivalent of a stadium full of people bellowing, "Heil 
Hitler'. Many in America have gone mad. It is not Trump that is the problem - 
it is what he has awakened and validated in these people. He had given license 
to an ugliness and brutality in others that is growing into a crescendo of 
demented voices echoing throughout America. Luckily, there seems to be an 
opposite and equally loud outcry and recognition of this monstrous movement 
from those who see what is happening. How to stop it? I'm not sure.
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 It's a sad day when a thug like Trump can take over one of America's great 
political parties. I see that yesterday he was saying, about a protester at a 
rally, that in the old days they would carry such people out on a stretcher 
(cheers), and he clearly relished those old days and chafed at the restrictions 
that now apply. He also said that he would like to punch the protester in the 
face (more cheers). Has it really come to this? Will America vote for a 
narcissistic fascist? Hillary will shred this guy in the debates because he is 
an ignoramus who has not thought through a single one of his so-called policy 

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 Nationalism and populism propel Trump

 As the returns came in from South Carolina Saturday night, showing Donald 
Trump winning a decisive victory, a note of nervous desperation crept into the 

 Political analysts pointed out repeatedly that if all of the votes for Marco 
Rubio, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Jeb Bush and Ben Carson were added up, they far 
exceeded the Trump vote.

 Why this sudden interest in arithmetic? 


 If the field can be winnowed, we were told, if Carson and Kasich can be 
persuaded to follow Bush and get out, if Cruz can be sidelined, if we can get a 
one-on-one Rubio-Trump race, Trump can be stopped.

 Behind the thought is the wish. Behind the wish is the hope, the prayer that 
all the non-Trump voters are anti-Trump voters. 


 But is this true? Or are the media deluding themselves? 


 Watching these anchors, commentators, consultants and pundits called to mind 
the Cleveland Governors Conference of 1964.

 Sen. Goldwater had just won the winner-take-all California primary, defeating 
Gov. Nelson Rockefeller, assuring himself of enough delegates to go over the 
top on the first ballot at the Cow Palace in San Francisco.

 But with polls showing Barry losing massively to LBJ, the panicked governors 
at Cleveland conspired to block his nomination.

 Michigan Gov. George Romney and Pennsylvania Gov. Bill Scranton were prodded 
to enter the race. Scranton would declare his availability in San Francisco 
with a letter accusing Goldwater of hostility toward civil rights – Barry had 
voted against the 1964 bill – and of excessive tolerance toward right-wing 
extremists such as the John Birch Society.

 And what became of them all?

 Goldwater won his nomination and went down in a historic defeat, but became a 
beloved figure and the father of modern conservatism.

 Of those who turned their backs on Goldwater that fall, none ever won a 
presidential nomination. Of those who stood by Barry that fall, Richard Nixon 
and Ronald Reagan, both would win the GOP nomination twice, and the presidency 

 And the conservative movement would hold veto power over party nominees and 
become the dominant philosophy of the GOP.

 Folks forget. Not only were there “liberal Republicans” and “moderate 
Republicans” back then, they dominated the landscape. Yet rare is the 
Republican today who would describe himself in such terms. 
 Which brings us back to the anti-Trump cabal.

 While their immediate goal is to deny him the nomination, do they really think 
that if the party nominates Rubio, things can be again as they were before 
Trump? Do they not see that America and the West are undergoing a series of 
crises that will change our world forever?

 Bernie Sanders is not all wrong. There is a revolution going on.
 Late in the last century, when Robert Bartley was editorial editor, the Wall 
Street Journal championed a constitutional amendment of five words – “There 
shall be open borders.”

 Bartley, who told colleague Peter Brimelow, “I think the nation-state is 
finished,” wanted U.S. borders thrown open to people and goods from all over 
the world. To Bartley and his acolytes, what made America one nation and one 
people was simply an ideology.

 But what was silly then is suicidal today.

 Whatever one may think of Trump’s talk of building a wall, does anyone think 
the United States is not going to have to build a security fence to defend our 
bleeding 2,000-mile border?

 Given the huge trade deficits with China, Japan, Mexico and the EU, the 
hemorrhaging of manufacturing, the stagnation of wages and the decline of the 
middle class, does anyone think that if Trump is turned back, the GOP can 
continue on being a free-trade party financed by the Beltway agents of 
transnational corporations?

 Absent some major attack on the homeland, do our foreign-policy elites believe 
the American people would support new U.S. interventions to defeat, occupy and 
tutor Third World nations in liberal democracy?

 Trump is winning because on immigration, amnesty, securing our border and 
staying out of any new crusades for democracy, he has tapped into the most 
powerful currents in politics: economic populism and “America First” 

 Look at the crowds Trump draws. Look at the record turnouts in Republican 
caucuses and primaries. 


 If Beltway Republicans think they can stop Trump and turn back the movement 
behind him, and continue on with today’s policies on trade, immigration and 
intervention, they will be swept into the same dustbin of history as the 
Rockefeller Republicans. 


 America is saying, “Goodbye to all that.”

 For Trump is not only a candidate. He is a messenger from Middle America. And 
the message he is delivering to the establishment is: We want an end to your 
policies and we want an end to you. 


 If the elites think they can not only deny Trump the nomination, but turn back 
this revolution and re-establish themselves in the esteem of the people, they 
delude themselves.

 This is hubris of a high order.


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