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 Bernie and Trump may both be guilty of promising things they won't be able to 
deliver.  Trump seems to have forgotten about Congress all together.  He just 
thinks he's going to roll on in to the White House and start waving his gold 
plated trumpet and magically, the economy will rebuild (he does build things 
right?) and Obamacare will go away and immigrants will return in droves to 
their parent countries voluntarily.  All on Day 1.  What a guy.  

 I know. I had that thought as well. I don't think he has considered any of 
this. In fact, his bid for the White House appears as if it started out as some 
sort of lark that has gotten out of hand - even he didn't think it would get 
this far. But here we are; Trump will get the Republican nomination (my 
prediction, unless there are videos of him molesting children or gutting 
puppies) but he won't get elected. I am confident of this. However, if there 
was a way to measure the collective anxiety of all of the Trump haters, I think 
they would find that there is real anxiety, real angst within the population 
right now. I mean, it is a real thing, I'm feeling it and although I have 
chosen Canada as my home it will effect us all if he were to actually become 
President (which he won't). Am I in denial? Maybe.

 Bernie's education plan is right on the money, imho.  Have you looked at the 
particulars?  I like it.  However, he's bound and determined to get it and 
everything else that I'm for from a source that has no on-switch at the current 
time and won't in the near future. 
 "  The cost of this $75 billion a year plan is fully paid for by imposing a 
tax of a fraction of a percent on Wall Street speculators who nearly destroyed 
the economy seven years ago. "

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 Yeah, Bernie definitely offers more *free* stuff than Hillary. Bernsie wants 
to offer *free* higher education to all. Hillary just wants you to pay lower 
interest rates on your student loans. If you were a student, who would you vote 
 When the people discover that they can vote themselves money, that will herald 
the end of the republic.
Benjamin Franklin.

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   You know, he makes some excellent points.  It is true that Hillary is not a 
great campaigner and she gets defensive, which doesn't come across well all the 
time.  Politically, neither her logo or her slogan say it's about the people.  
They say it's about her.  It is true that Trump will do everything he can to 
lynch her and he won't let up.  If she defends, she loses.  He will continue to 
play on people's fear and she will be facing plenty of sexism, the kind that 
isn't talked about, but that surely exists in the minds of both men and women.  
The undermining has already started and has been quite effective.  I will agree 
that the more interesting match that would force us to choose ideologically 
would be a Sanders/Trump choice.  SuperTuesday is around the corner.   


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 This is a very well argued article saying that Clinton cannot beat Trump but 
Sanders can. 

Unless the Democrats Run Sanders, A Trump Nomination Means a Trump Presidency | 
Current Affairs 
 Unless the Democrats Run Sanders, A Trump Nominati... 
 With Donald Trump lookingincreasinglylikely to actually be the Republican 
nominee for President, it’s long past time for the Democrats to sta...

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