Good article.  I agree.  Brings to mind the line, "If we don't stand for 
something, we stand for nothing."  What Trump has gotten away and continues to 
get away with is astonishing and unsettling and disturbing at very deep 
levels...he is forcing us as a nation to question what we stand for, what our 
values are and how we want to conduct ourselves individually and as a society.  
We are exploring the "dark side" of human nature with him and these wins of his 
are all the more shocking because we must acknowledge how many people have 
jumped on board his train and how easily people are manipulated and how evident 
it seems that we are in danger of selling out wholesale.  We should never again 
wonder why dictators come to power, why human atrocities are tolerated by the 
masses....fear and loathing are on the march.    

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