On CNN during the debate they played an ad on the breaks for "The Purge: Election Year." Thing is it looked like an election ad not an ad for a horror movie which is what it is. :-D

This is the third installment in the series of "Purge" movies based on the idea that one night a year all crimes including murder will be legal. The trailer played during the debate:

And the actual horror trailer "The Purge: Election Year":

Of course it IS a tongue in cheek joke about how election year is a horror.

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Trump's body language is hilarious. I'm thinking of taking the videos and using for a silly animated dance I can have him doing on YouTube. I'm listening to Alex Jones right now who opened that the debate was "amazing". Yup, it was in more ways than one. The rest of the world must be wondering what the hell happened to the USA.

Yes, Donald's face is certainly hilarious when he tucks his chin(s), frowns, never looks anyone in the eye while shaking his head grimacing. The guy is some sort of parody of a silent film character overacting outrageously. I'd love to see him try and play poker.

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    Watching the Republican free-for-all last night was worth every
    minute and for a brief time I was almost thinking I'd vote for
    Rubio as he was taking down Donald. It wasn't hard either because
    Trump simply can't tolerate anyone questioning or disagreeing
    with him. When this happens he goes all apoplectic, reaches into
    his handy grab bag of random insults, never, ever looks anyone in
    the eye during a debate (check it out) and generally becomes even
    more incoherent than usual. And today, Rubio continues his
    assault. It is probably a day late and a few dollars short but
    I'm loving him for it. Finally. (Trump does seriously resemble
    another person who used to post here, the similarities are
    remarkable right down to the tendency to repeat himself over and
    over and over...)

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