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I don't know,I would think that most loyal Democrats would be ecstatic that Trump could be the Republican nominee. I mean if McCain and Romney were so easy to beat..... But then, maybe they aren't comfortable with Obama's legacy and their own potential nominees and have a reason to worry.
 I'm just sayin'.

I am not afraid that Trump will win the election - he won't. I am highly disturbed about the American public and what they are supporting, how blind they are. I almost wish Trump would become President just so they could experience the nightmare of what they supported.

Yeah, it would be interesting to see how soon all those googly-eyed smiling faces would be turned into angry ants if he didn't do what he promised.

I was watching "Colony", a sci-fi TV series on USA where something (yet undetermined) has set up a wall in Los Angeles. It is about 200 feet tall and I kept thinking of the "the Donald" whenever it appeared. :-D

But that's just my vengeful side talking.

As far as supporting the Democratic runners - I would be happy for either of them to take office but it will be Hi! llary who will win the day. I am not sure America will ever be able to look anyone in the eye again, however, after the huge support many there have shown for Trump. Even in Canada everyone is shaking their heads and rolling their collective eyeballs.

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This is an article worth a read. It is part of what I am saying. It is not so much about Trump - he is what he is, he is, for me, a lost cause, a lost soul - but for the rest of those who love and support him, that is what is so alarming. What is alarming is that there are so many who embrace what he says. I feel like I am living in a nightmare to have seen this in America - to have seen it anywhere in the "civilized" world.

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