I decided to ride the bus to go downtown today.  When I got aboard the bus, I 
asked the bus driver how much the fare was?  He said with a smirk in his voice, 
"it's only $2.25."

 I said, "pretty soon you guys will be asking for five bucks a ride, " and 
proceeded to sit on one of the empty seats. Then, an automatic announcement 
came on in English, Chinese, then in Spanish.  After a transfer to ride the 
light rail train and a  few minutes, I eventually made it downtown.  I was 
thinking this was the real life version of the movie, "The Blade Runner", 
without the eeriness and strange quality of the Hollywood version.

 Then, I decided to eat dinner at Lefty O'doul's, which is about 50 yards away 
from the cable car tracks on Powell and Geary street.  The bar/restaurant is 
mostly staffed by Hispanic people with Irish Americans working at the bar.  
There's a life-size statue of Marilyn Monroe, with her billowing skirt, below 
the big screen TV screens which were showing the Oscars presentation.  I ate 
and drank a cola with my roast beef dinner, but was not paying attention to the 

 When I finished, I walked out of the bar and a black guy asked me what was my 
nationality.  I said, Filipino.  Then he asked half-joking, "say, I hear 
Marcos' son is going to win the the election in your country?"

 "It's a crazy ass country!"  I replied with disgust and without explaining why 
the  deceased dictator's son is predicted to win.  I believe it's a form of 
protest by the people against the present administration of the Philippines 
which is still mired in poverty and government corruption.  But then again, 
maybe not.

 I eventually made it home soon after,  and opened a bottle of Sierra Nevada 
beer which I bought at the corner grocery store.  I sat down to write this note 
with the KDFC classical radio station playing the song "Asturias", by Albaniz.




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