Maharishi’s Global Family Chat 12 February 2016    Raja Paul and Raja Antonio 
 on the Antalya Assembly Raja Paul and Raja Antonio were joined by Prime 
Minister Dr Bevan Morris and National Direc-tor of Turkey, Albert Baruh, to 
report on the first two weeks of the three-month Global Assembly in Antalya, 
Turkey, from January 30 - April 30, 2016.  This extended Assembly in Antalya 
grew out of the one-week Global Winter World Peace As-sembly in January during 
which the 100 participants from 14 countries collectively resolved to continue 
their much-needed influence of coherence to support peace in the Middle East.   
During its first two weeks the extended Assembly has grown from 15 to 25 
participants, with an-other 30 waiting to join as soon as further scholarship 
support is available. The comfortable As-sembly facility with its own private 
beach is nestled between the Taurus Mountain range to the west and the 
Mediterranean Sea to the east, in a region rich with natural beauty.  Prime 
Minister, Dr Bevan Morris emphasised the importance of using the powerful 
technologies Maharishi has given us to create an influence of peace through the 
group dynamics of con-sciousness, and applauded the pioneers who have launched 
this extended Assembly. Prime Minister conducted an experience meeting with the 
Assembly participants, and commented that this Assembly is a precious 
opportunity for Sidhas and Governors to deepen their own experi-ences as they 
are creating an influence of peace for the Middle East.  Raja Antonio appealed 
to those who may not be able to attend themselves to please lend their support 
to others to attend, including the 30 applicants from five countries who are 
now waiting for additional scholarship support in order to join the Assembly. 
Raja Antonio presented the op-portunity for tax-exempt donations through the 
Assembly website:  Dr. Albert Baruh presented a 
business brief appealing to businesses to help sponsor Assembly participants 
while a permanent group is being established supported by local agriculture and 
Vastu hotel and Spa projects, to maintain a permanent influence of peace for 
the Middle East. 
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