Note:  I didn't mean that to gender up any sexual images, by the way. Meant 
that Cruz wouldn't be open to allowing him any influence in the decision-making 
process, nor would Rubio be able to confidently support Cruz.  The pairing up 
would not be complementary; Rubio would be rendered completely ineffective in 
such a position. 

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 Rubio and Cruz would never get along.  I doubt Rubio would agree to such a 
thing.  Rubio would end up an impotent appendage to a Cruz presidency.  

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 Trump is not attracting that many Republicans. His numbers tend to be in the 
mid thirties of which many are independents and the old Reagan democrats.The 
rest of the Republican field is too divided for any of them  to get over his 
percentage numbers. If the field narrows to one candidate against Trump, he can 
easily be beaten. Basically, Kasich and either Cruz or Rubio need to get out. 
Leave just one to go against Trump. I think Cruz has proven that he has the 
better chance against Trump.


 Quite frankly, I want to see a Cruz/Rubio ticket.

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 The world really has to be in horror at the childish Republicans who are 
running POTUS.  Trump and the Trumpeteers.
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   I was just grateful that  he didn't *whip it out * last night.

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 Subject: [FairfieldLife] Why a Narcissist Like Trump is so dangerous as 





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