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 That's what the sixties' LSD advocates were attempting. It turned into another 
disastrous Children's Crusade.



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 Not force but a global shaktipat.
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   THAT'S IT!    We'll force them to be enlightened, damn it!


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 Sure but right there we have an example of fundies fighting against each other 
such as Sunni vs Shiite.  That's also why I think religions should be delegated 
to museums.  To do that would require a world wide auto-enlightenment of 
everyone on the planet where religion would be no longer needed.  For the time 
being we allow people believing in whatever they want.  Enlightened they would 
stop "believing" and enjoy "experiencing." 
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   Now,would that include Islamic fundies or is that  Xenophobic.Not sure of 
any evangelical agendas trying to compel anyone to do anything, with one 
exception, defending innocent life. But then that is already called for in the 
Declaration of Independence (see the Second paragraph).


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 Fundies would be better off with liberals at the helm because we are for 
freedom of religion (or beliefs).  Otherwise not only will they be fighting 
with us but other fundies who want their version to dominate.  Any fundie who 
wants to push their religion on me will need their head examined especially 
after I try to knock some sense into them.
 We don't need any ugliness like "The Handmaid's Tale" describes.
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   Andso you think Cruz is going to *decapitate* non-believers or force little 
Jewish kids to say the Lord's prayer at the beginning of the school day, stone 
women who seek illegal abortions, chain women to their husband's bed posts, 
take away their birth control, keep them barefoot and pregnant and so on.


 The fact is, Cruz has tailored his campaign to reach evangelical Christians 
because they have stayed home in so many elections. There are literally tens of 
millions of them that just don't vote because they just don't trust politicians 
 that say one thing when campaigning, then do something entirely different when 
they get in office, and that pretty much seems to be the norm. 


 Cruz has core principles and one of them is that he says what he means and 
does what he says. This is what has gotten him in trouble with his own party 
leaders. He got elected telling his electorate what he stood for and he won't 
modify it to suit the Party elders. He won't play ball with the party elite. 
When you say Cruz is unwilling to compromise , he's unwilling to compromise his 
principles, what he believes in. He is willing to compromise on issues and 
accept half a loaf if it advances his core values, as long as he thinks he can 
come back later to get more of what he originally wants. You don't think this 
is how the democrats operate, advance their cause by incrementalism?

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   Cruzis likely as dangerous a candidate, nationally and internationally,as 
Trump.  As a fundamentalist, extremist evangelical Christian, he is rigid and 
unyielding in his approach to everyone and everything.  He is a black and white 
thinker and he won't compromise on his interpretation of what is "evil."  His 
run in the Senate was abysmal.  He is not his own man; he belongs to his 
father, Rafael, who is also an extremist extraordinaire.

 OnFriday, Sandy Rios spokewith"; 
style="color:rgb(175, 32, 40);text-decoration:none; RafaelCruz, the father of 
Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, at the National Religious Broadcasters convention.
 Theelder Cruz, one of his son’s top campaign surrogates, repeated his claim 
that his son has divine";
 style="color:rgb(175, 32, 40);text-decoration:none; support"; 
style="color:rgb(175, 32, 40);text-decoration:none; for";
 style="color:rgb(175, 32, 40);text-decoration:none; his";
 style="color:rgb(175, 32, 40);text-decoration:none; presidential";
 style="color:rgb(175, 32, 40);text-decoration:none; bid";
 style="color:rgb(175, 32, 40);text-decoration:none;, even going so far as to 
compare him to Josiah, the King of Judah, who, according to biblical texts, was 
raised up by God to banish idolatry and restore exclusive worship to the God of 
 - See more at:
 TedCruz is a Dangerous Megalomaniac Who Only Stands For and Serves Himself
 TedCruz is a Dangerous Megalomaniac Who Only S... TedCruz is someone who's 
hated by practically everyone. He's loathed by progressives and even despised 
by members of...

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 I'd take Trump's ego and brashness, but ability to compromise over a religious 
fundamentalist anytime.  
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