In Sanskrit,  the term yoga refers to union or unity with the divine 
intelligence. TM is considered to be Karma Yoga, as discussed by MMY in his 
commentary to the Gita.  In short, TM is a technique to achieve unity through 
action.  In jyotish, the term is used to describe certain combinations of 
planetary positions in the birth chart.  Shakti Yoga is a planetary 
combination, by aspect or conjunction of the planets Rahu and the Moon in the 
5th or 9th houses.  As cognized by the ancient rishis, this combination was 
determined to give the individual tremendous power to do good or evil.

 In Donald Trump's case, Rahu and the Moon has a Jaimini aspect on the 9th 
house.  Therefore, he has Shakti Yoga by classical definition.  Since the Sun 
is included in this yoga, he is considered to be a person who can destroy 
religion or governments ( as represented by the Sun).  Since the Rahu/Moon 
combination aspects Saturn and Venus, he is considered to be a person who will 
destroy the individual freedom of foreigners or minority citizens in the USA.  

 Because Saturn signifies foreigners and minority people.  And Venus signifies 
individual freedom, which is represented by the lady statue of Liberty.  Hence, 
Trump will violate the individual rights of foreign people and minority 
citizens of the USA.  In real life, this has come true by his proposal to build 
a wall to exclude Mexicans from entering the country.  He has also proposed to 
exclude Muslims from other countries to enter the USA.  Further, segments of 
the black community are saying that the state of the union is in danger of 
breaking if Trump becomes president.

 In summary, yoga is not a religion but rather a description of spiritual union 
or a planetary combination that gives an individual certain qualities or 
characteristics in life.


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