MT, you're a latecomer here. We had discussions about this on FFL probably about 10 years ago. Many have had the experience. Sorry, you're all wrong again. Better luck next time.

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*/And you've been to which lokas? /*

Bhu-mandala is the ancient yogic typology for our realm (loka) but without the empiricist assumptions. It describes the realm of subtle materiality – i.e. form structured in and upon the bi-unity of prana and manas.

You don’t “go” there unless you can master a complete akasha-gamana.

I cannot dissolve my physical body into a subtle akasha-deha. No one doing the tm-sidhis has ever demonstrated such an ability.

We can however, transfer the locus of our attention there and act-interact. However, that could be a bit much since the realm of bhu mandala is heavily populated. It has various regions and projecting your attention into those regions is essentially an unannounced visit. It is like knocking on someone’s door or strolling around a park full of denizens looking at you and wondering what you are actually doing “here”.

You would know this if you had done it. And this is just the closest region of the local “loka”.

You accused me of being all book and no experience.

Got Bhu?

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