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 I have been a tad busy over here with biking, eating, drinking, jumping in the 
surf of the China Sea, walking the frenzied streets of Saigon, Da Lat and Nha 
Trang. But, what is one of the most stand out phenomenons of this place is the 
motorbikes and the way in which pedestrians, motorbikes and vehicles coexist 
within the most intricate dance and dodge.

 Watching the stream, the flow of commuters is beautiful itself but the way in 
which all of the elements work together to create a traffic flow that almost 
never stops or is impeded is nothing short of miraculous. If the motorbikes 
were cars there would be gridlock everywhere but instead these small and 
maneuverable modes of transport weave and pearl their way to the left and 
right, yielding when necessary and proceeding umimpeded when there is an 
opening. In this way the flow I s like a slow-moving river. If you proceed into 
a crosswalk and there doesn't seem to be an opening one is created as you make 
your way across the road because each oncoming motorist has it timed to allow 
you to find your way to the other side without impediment. There is no road 
rage, there is no time for it. The honking that occurs is only to warn you 
there is someone coming and they are short beep beeps, not angry laying on the 

 I wish I could post a picture of this fabulous flow but my iPad is not 
equipped to do so, or at least I am not sure how. So, you'll just have to 
imagine it all.


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