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 I look forward to a Trump or Sanders Presidency.  If Trump is elected, we will 
either see him fix all the problems he claims he will be able to fix, or we 
will watch him fail and embarrass himself and destroy our nation.  

 Trump will fail miserably at all he proposes and espouses. That would be a 
good thing as all that he stands for is ill-conceived and comes from a small 
and dark place in his psyche. What I would enjoy is to watch as his ignorant 
supporters losing their shit when he falls on his ugly face, so to speak, in an 
effort to strong arm and implement non-existent policy. If he is ever elected 
(and he won't be) his supporters will get the pay back they deserve and it 
won't be pretty.

 If Sanders is elected, he will make sure all lower working class people are 
paid higher working class wages and take money away from big businesses, or he 
will fail and the economic system as we know it will collapse.  

 Either way, we will either experience utopia or collapse, both of which are 
good as long as you're not scared of the latter.  



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