What about moving further south like Costa Rica or Panama? Many speak English in the latter. Retirement dollars go farther there. But I don't think the west coast states are going to be very friendly to a Trump presidency nor even a Clinton one.

You still have this false belief that there are a bunch of welfare recipients out there when most would like to work but the capitalist pigs have pushed them out of the work force in favor of importing foreign slaves, in many cases even less capable.

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Just wondering how many could actually afford to make the move. I mean, they keep telling us the average American lives pay check to pay check. Making a move to Canada or any other country would cost a pretty penny, not to mention giving up your welfare checks, unemployment benefits, food stamps, Obama phones, sec 8 housing etc. Maybe Canada will have to build a wall.

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*1 in 4 Americans consider fleeing US if Trump wins - poll*

Anne might be getting some company. :-D

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