>From Datta Jayanti 12/21/97

Sri Swamiji expanded the significance of a song very finely sung by him as 

This bhajan depicts the importance of service of god through nada - the divine 
sound of 
music spiritual. Several sages attained supreme bliss by whole hearted practice 
of divine 
singing. Several sages like Nandi, Bhringi, Narada etc. of the past as also 
chaitanya, Meera 
Bai, Kanakadasa, Purandasa, Tyagaraja etc. are some such pious souls.

One can easily attain perennial everlasting bliss in this age. Kali by firmly 
believing in the 
efficacy of Nada - the divine music and Veda - the ancient knowledge of mankind 
one can 
get over all doubts and uncertainty in life and narrow differntiations and 
angry arguments 
will disappear. By Nada upasana i.e. singing and listening to spiritual music 
and Veda gana 
- chanting of Veda.

One who practices Nada upasana has no grief in life or death. He need not go 
the hell 
having become sinless. By chanting Vedas, one will be blessed by all celestials.

By ardent singing of divine names, one gets stability and peace of mind leading 
to the 
realization of the knowledge of the supreme soul. By constant recitation of 
Veda and 
contemplation of its significance, the vision of Datta will be finally fixed 
within the secret 
of creation is reveled to oneself then.

The foregoing ideas are epitomized in a small sloka (Sanskrit verse) rendered 
by Swamiji. 
It expresses that the Nada,. the divine sound produced Veda. Creation 
originated from 
Veda. Hence by Nada and Veda man understands the secret of creation and attains 
supreme knowledge.

Some people hate chanting of mantras or singing divine names. It is due to 
their sinful 
natural attitude. The ecstatic time of Krishna's flute attracted one and all 
who experienced 
inexplicable rapturous joy. Similarly the cowherds of Mathura sang the glories 
of God in 
Gopika Geetha. So also, the arrival of Rama back to his kingdom was celebrated 
by one 
and all with joyous divine music. Nada and Veda purify people.

Nandi, Kumar swami and Adisesha knows the significance of divine music which is 
completely realised by lord Shiva.

More at this link:

In Datta Seva
Sri Guru Datta


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