That's an interesting story of Joseph.  But, as I understand it, the orthodox 
Jews believe in a "political" messiah who will give them back the kingdom and 
glory that King David once wielded in the land of Judah.  That's one of the 
main reasons why they can't accept Jesus Christ as the messiah.  They could not 
or would not understand that Jesus, as he preached, was and is the ruler of the 
kingdom within, the realm of the spirit within or the absolute consciousness.

 It's also interesting that the coming of an enlightened man or the Omega man, 
was stated in the writings of Teilhard Chardin, the late controversial writer 
in the Roman Catholic church.  Although he did not use the vedic words siddha 
or yuga cycle, some of the vedic concepts are implied in his writings.


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 John, there was a rabbinic teaching that Messiah would come twice. First as 
the "suffering servant" as described in Isaiah 53, the lamb of God who takes 
away the sins of the world and then later returns as the Lion of Judah. Most 
orthodox Jews don't recognize this scenario and are content to wait for the 
*finished product*
 It is said in the Christian tradition that the Old testament is the truth 
*concealed*(hidden) and the New Testament is the truth *revealed*(fulfilled)
 Look at the story of Joseph.
 The parallels of the life of Joseph and of Jesus tell the story. 

 First, Joseph is his father's favorite son, who's brothers are greatly jealous 
of because of his advanced spiritual knowledge and abilities. They hate him so 
much that they beat him, threw him in a pit and sold him for thirty pieces of 
silver as a slave.
 Second, Joseph uses his knowledge and power to rise up to become the Prime 
minister of Egypt, second in power only  to the god of Egypt, the Pharaoh, who 
has complete trust in him. He is then known as Zaphenathpaneah.
  Zaphenathpaneah is approached by his brothers, who don't recognize him and 
beg for food because of famine in their land. Zaphenathpaneah tests them by 
falsely accusing them and throwing them in prison. When the brothers realize 
they are being punished by God for what they did to their brother, Joseph, they 
confess their guilt to Zaphenathpaneah and ask for forgiveness. Zaphenathpaneah 
reveals himself as their brother Joseph by showing that he was circumcised and 
a Jew. Joseph then forgives them and brings the entire family into Egypt and 
gives them the best land Egypt has to offer.
 One person, two different identities. Joseph and Zaphenathpaneah. The story of 
Joseph is the foreshadowed story of the Messiah. The suffering servant and the 
Lion of Judah who sits at the right hand of the power of God.

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 I was thinking the other day that the Judeo-Christian tradition has a hidden 
idea of the yuga cycle that is mentioned in the vedic texts.  Specifically, the 
story of the Fall in the Garden of Eden has seed thoughts that human beings 
appeared on earth with the highest level of consciousness.  But, due to the 
temptation of Satan, Adam and Eve fell from this level to the lowest level of 
consciousness, which is represented by them being cast out from the Garden.  In 
vedic thought, the highest level of consciousness is represented by the Satya 
Yuga and the lowest level is represented by Kali Yuga.

 Similarly, the Jewish tradition, particularly the writing of Isaiah, promises 
the return of the messiah who will save the people from bondage.  This return 
is similar to the beginning of a new cycle of Satya Yuga after completing the 
Kali Yuga.  However, the orthodox Jews are still waiting for the messiah to 
come, whereas the Christians believe the messiah has already come in the person 
of Jesus Christ.

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 11 min video summary of Christian history from Jesus to Constantine.

 Christianity from Judaism to Constantine: Crash Course World History #11
 Christianity from Judaism to Constantine: Crash Course... In which John Green teaches you the 
history of Christianity, from the beginnings of Judaism and the development of 
monotheism, right up to Paul and how ...

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