Chevalier Andrew Michael Ramsay, (1686 - 1743), Enlightenment thinker and 
Freemason; born in Scotland, spent most of his life in France.
 Known as a "Universalist" (incorporating the heretical belief that all people 
can and will be saved, regardless of their beliefs and religion)  Naturally, 
such teachings were contrary to Roman Catholocism of the day.  The RC  Church 
in recent years has amended it's "unofficial" pronouncement so as to allow for 
the Salvation of those in other religions, but waffling a lot by saying that 
Catholics will deserve a higher place in Heaven that the others.  Reminds me of 
the book "Animal Farm" (all of the animals are equal but some are more equal 
than others).
 Ramsay said "Almighty Power, Wisdom, and Love cannot be eternally frustrated 
in his absolute and ultimate designs; therefore God will at last pardon and 
re-establish in happiness all lapsed being."
 The foregoing idea would be an obvious threat to the RC teachings prevalent in 
France at that time.


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