They've had that rule for a couple years. If just the rule makes you mad you should hear the authoritarian woman who represents the tax board on this. Sounds like she would cut your head off if you don't pay.

However it really depends on where you shopped. Amazon takes care of this for their orders. Some other companies do too. Downloadable software apps are still tax free in California. And some of this doesn't make sense unless you buy a lot online.

California tax laws are really stupid and shows how corrupt the state is. One of the dumbest things I ever heard was that if you sell hard goods you have to pay the retail tax for the location you are shipping to rather than the rate where you are. Like the difference is going to matter much. This is exactly why Americans no longer trust government.

On 03/23/2016 03:31 PM, [FairfieldLife] wrote:

I just had to take a break after trying to fill the state tax form which is very confusing and badly designed for taxpayers. On top of that, the state wants us to pay for use tax applying to purchases made online or out of state. Common sense would beg the question: how would the state know how much you bought out of state or online? The bottom line is that they want you to pay use tax based on your adjusted gross income. I just had to go to the coffee shop to cool off from this one.

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