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 No one has said  anything about *design* to trick anybody. A wealthy person 
can give all that he has to help the poor and then become poor himself. What 
has he accomplished? Feeding a bunch of people for a day and then making 
himself poor as well, At that point, he becomes a victim as well, needing help 
himself. This is not being smart, not how he became wealthy in the first place. 
Better to have a strategy that helps all and doesn't hurt anyone. The first 
rule of the Hippocratic oath is *do no harm*, neither to the patient nor the 
doctor. A dead doctor doesn't heal anyone!

 I'm sure Europe doesn't want to go through those bombed out buildings again.

 No, you used the word "intent" which implies some sort of manipulation of the 
viewer through the use of these photos. These are journalistic photographs of 
what is going on, not some staged actors playing the part of victims 
accompanied by saccharine background music. You can either accept it or not. 
You can either turn away or not. You can either put yourself 
mentally/imaginatively in these people's situation or not and try and 
understand the fear, the uncertainty, the devastation. You can realize that 
other humans seeking refuge from such horrendous war conditions need help or 
you might not. You could, certainly, conceive of the fact that human beings 
coming to this big country we call "America" might add diversity, richness and 
more humanity instead of having a decimating effect on what you perceive of as 
"America" or not. It is your choice, your ability or inability or willingness 
or unwillingness to accept this possibility which determines your status as 
either compassionate or narrow and small - living in fear and constriction. 

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 This is exactly what I'm referring to when I say *the heart*. All emotion. 
Such pictures tug on the *heart strings*. The intent is to evoke compassion , 
for those affected, the desire to help. Nothing wrong with that! Just don't 
create more and bigger problems with the solution! Don't destroy what you have 
in the name of helping others out of their unfortunate circumstances.


 Mike, these images are what they are. They aren't "designed" to do anything - 
they are what is happening, they are not staged or embellished. Bombed out 
cities really exist in Syria, real blood is being spilled, families are being 
decimated. This isn't some fiction made up in Hollywood - these are images 
captured on camera by journalists.

 Your final sentence is self serving  and remarkably selfish. Don't 
inconvenience yourself or threaten your own comfort by putting yourself out for 
others who are in danger of losing their lives. No siree, let's just make sure 
we all have our daily bread and our creature comforts and the rest of those 
poor sods be damned; fend for yourselves you unlucky bastards. 

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 Maharishi also speaks in the Gita about the balance of heart and mind. One 
should not rule over the other. If we are all compassionate without thinking 
things through, we get ourselves in trouble. If we are all mind and intellect, 
we lose our full potential as humans. There needs to be a balance.Maharishi 
said Arjuna had a rare balance of both heart and mind. He didn't want to fight 
and kill his own family and loved ones but he also knew the consequences of not 
doing his duty. In the end, Arjuna performs his duty and fulfills his dharma.

 Nobody wants entire populations uprooted and moved into foreign, both 
culturally and physically, new locations that cause conflict for everyone 
involved, yet this is the result of past policies in the EU. Europeans are 
rethinking what they have done and realizing being open and unconditionally 
welcoming without thinking things through wasn't the smartest move for either 
migrants or their local populations. There have got to be better ways that have 
not been explored yet.

 Well, when you think of what those "better ways" might be have a look at what 
these fellow human beings are fleeing from/dealing with.












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 Yes, we saw what the open, welcoming and loving arms of the Europeans brought 
them. I doubt that the Pope's washing the feet of Muslims will have any affect 
on Muslims(in general), maybe on his own soul but little on theirs. If you want 
to be served, you must first serve. Karma. Doesn't mean the person you served 
is going to serve you back. Indeed , he may serve you with a knife in your 
back. Another wise man said "Trust but verify". These migrants aren't being 
vetted. There is little or no verification of their true intent or what they 
expect to give or receive from their newly adopted countries. What is their 
capacity to get along?

 Here is what I say: stop focusing on the Muslims/Syrian immigrants and take 
note of your neighbors, your country, your fellow Americans. There is enough 
violence, ignorance, intolerance, religious zealousness and threat to keep you 
busy without worrying about other countries, other cultures. There is not a 
continent, a race or a society that is without its fanatics, its desecrations, 
its cruelty. My point was really about how the Pope is one Christian who 
practices what he preaches, who is not a hypocrite. The amount of "Christians" 
in the USA who fail miserably at demonstrating the same spirit as this current 
Pope is astounding. ISIS is one thing, the rest of it is quite another. The 
inability to recognize this is not only crippling but disastrous.

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   I love this guy. 
 Drumpf wants to build walls and deport and the Pope washes and kisses their 
feet instead. Guess what is the most disarming, breaks down hatred faster?






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