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 There's a common sophomoric question: If you could go back in time would you 
kill Hitler before he gained power?

 This is a very complicated question. If there is no God, no order or real 
reason in the Universe, nothing other than what obviously (to our five senses) 
exists on this planet and in the galaxies around us, then yes, I would have 
killed Hitler before he gained power if I had foreseen the future. As it 
happens, I believe there is a God, that there are multiple worlds and universes 
and planes of existences and that there are, ultimately, reasons for all that 
happens I would have to answer "no", I would most likely not have killed him. 
But this is theoretical based on the idea that we can go back in time and try 
and change the future, which we can't.

 I'd reply no as I have pronounced quietist tendencies but many (most?) would 
say yes.

 For those who compare Trump to the Austrian corporal isn't the logic of their 
position that they should assassinate Trump?

 Not in my case and Trump will be unlikely to gain the power of Hitler. We know 
too much and Hitler's atrocities are too recent. Too many see the similarities 
to allow this to get too out of hand. No, I want to see what happens to Drumpf, 
I want to see him flame out and to see what is coming to him and those who 
support him. It is going to be a fascinating display of justice and 
retribution. Maybe I'm just a silly optimist though. There are others who are 
probably already plotting his physical demise but I hope that doesn't happen - 
it would be too simplistic and cut short the way things are supposed to unfold, 
IMHO. There are some important lessons and truths to emerge from this whole 

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 The *talk* is going around.

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 Well, I'm afraid Trump might very soon be as good as "lifeless", if you know 
what I mean...



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