The old collective meditation of Quaker Meeting for worship starts in half an 
hour this Sunday in Fairfield, Iowa 
 Welcome to the Sunday 
 Silence-based Friends Meeting as Quakers.
 This is an unprogrammed silent-based meditative experience
 that will last for about an hour. 
 As Quakers we have 
 no formal creed 
 no paid ministers
 no preaching
 no rites
 speaking during this meeting for worship only as to where
 speaking out improves upon the silence of the meeting.
 Ours is a silence-based 
 corporate spiritual practice.
 This is an old practice,
 You are welcome to come in and sit down in silence with us,
 -Jai George Fox

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 I have forward it to many & my relatives. Have some Quaker ancestors as well 
came here, with Wm . Penn to his commonwealth.
 Hickman was that named ancestor!

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 Excellent 4 min video on the origins of Quakerism.  From this and other 
sources, I can find no evidence that Quakerism had significant influences from 
outside of the UK (for example, wandering Bishops from the Middle East, 
remnants of secret societies, etc; but rather during a transitional time in 
English Society, there were spontaneous Spiritual Awakenings in Fox and others, 
during the 1640's. The inner voice messages received by Fox provided him with a 
truly revolutionary epiphany,  unique in Protestant Europe at the time.:
 ....: that what you seek without (the Truth as provided by Jesus Christ), can 
be found from within.  As we have previously seen in the discussions of 
Quietism, such messages were also received in Catholic Europe around the same 
time or earlier, but met with much persecution and eventual extinction.  Thus, 
we can count Fox as being one of the greatest of Spiritual luminaries of the 
European Enlightenment era.

 How Quakerism Began
 How Quakerism Began Quaker Speak: 
Max Carter shares the story of George Fox, a Quaker who went seeking for 
spiritual answers and found them not in a church, but within. Max is ...

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