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 We are a nation of laws.
  One of Maharishi's favorite says was "well begun is half done".
 Violating a nations laws to get into the country is not "well begun". It is 

 Get in line,apply for entry, wait their turn, let all *righteousness be 
fulfilled*(get vetted),be issued appropriate documents and they are welcomed.

 Oh Mikey, in terms of the illegal Mexicans, many States in the US need them, 
rely on them (as you can see if you read the article). Most of the horse 
industry in California depends upon the Mexicans to keep it alive whether it is 
hunters/jumpers or racehorses. The amount of landscapers, pool help, cleaning 
people and agricultural workers allow the State to run the way it does as a 
productive and thriving place. The well-heeled as well as the business owner in 
all sorts of industries positively need them. Whether they are papered or not 
is pretty much irrelevant to those who rely on this kind of labor. You can't 
have it both ways - resent the influx of illegals while at the same time 
profiting from their illegality by not giving them a living wage, health 
benefits or any of the other amenities that legal residents are privileged to 
receive. Being an illegal alien is not something anyone really wants because it 
means they are not afforded the same guarantees and rights that legals are.

  This applies to EVERYONE, even Muslims and Syrian refugees.
 The problem Syrian refugees face is that most are unable to be vetted because 
there are no records of who they are or their background.Were they Baathist 
Party members, criminals, did they take up arms against the United States or 
our allies? Nobody knows. A handful can be vetted to some extent. Persecuted 
Christians often belong to well established churches who's pastors have been 
able to vouch for them as members of their congregations and of any criminal 
complaints against them. However, Obama refuses to grant them refugee status 
because the Syrian government doesn't persecute them, only ISIS and Al Qaeda 
who rape, behead and crucify them.


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 Why do you think he's so popular? He was nothing until he brought up the 
*illegal*immigration issue.
 Cruz will get it done also. 

 I think there was about seven hundred miles of fence built. The majority of 
illegals come through parts where there is no fence, Arizona to Texas. But a 
fence is not all that is needed. Increased border patrols, electronic 
monitoring( that includes seismic) , aircraft surveillance. 
 We might as well be flagging them in.   Border patrol doesn't even bother to 
pick them up and detain them.The courts don't even issue them summons to appear 
in court anymore.
Check it out:

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   "I would build a great wall, and nobody builds walls better than me, believe 
me, and I'll build them very inexpensively. I will build a great, great wall on 
our southern border. And I will have Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words."

 Oh yes! I forgot that The Drumpf will get it done.  
 Did you know there already is a fence along about a third of the border?  It's 
not like we're waving the illegals in with flags, Mike.    





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