You still seem to be waiting for the rich to pee money down on you. "Trickle down" was the biggest scam of the 20th century. What did we have up until Reagan? We had "Small is Beautiful", "Live Simply So Others can Simply Live". We were ready to bring the country back into balance. But no, you had to support the rich, the Neocons because "hey, someday you may be rich." Dream on.

Gonnna be a long hot summer.

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I started watching and found something amusing. He starts off with Christ being pissed at the *money changers* in the temple. We're all told this story but what most aren't told is, that it was a racket. Remember how Buddha pissed off the Brahmans by telling people not to waste their money on yagyas? Pretty much the same here with Christ. Christ was pissed at the temple priests. They would tell the common man that he needed to make a sacrifice for his sins at the temple. He needed a special lamb, which the priest just happened to have for sale, which he raised right down the road in Bethlehem. The priest was paid for the lamb, he raised and sold for such purposes plus he got to keep either all or at least half the lamb after it is sacrificed. See the meat market outside the Temple. The money changers took your Roman coins with images of the Cesar, a God, and exchanged them, at a price, for Temple coins to buy the lamb with.It was a salvation racket! Jesus was on to it, I'm sure others were as well but Jesus raised hell about it in the temple and embarrassed the priests, hitting them in the pocket book. Of course , the temple priests were determined to get even and the rest is history.

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Excellent video, begins with the 14-th century, through 2015. Mentions two perennial problems/complaints: 1. treatment of producers - the workers, and 2. production of what some people might consider useless or harmful goods. (the problems associated with 1. and 2. will be covered in part II). Here's part I:, 11 min.

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