…or the availability to adore the One Supreme Being through His Spiritual 
Christ, no other Way except in name and comprehension

Taking a first-century (named in his honour!) rabbi as a symbol of The One Self 
is fine - as long as you realise that he is only one symbol among many others. 

 The problem that Christianity faces is its designation of Jesus as the 
one-and-only symbol.

 It's tricky! As there is only a unique One Self then after you've baptised it 
"Jesus" to later give it another name - "Buddha Mind", say - creates confusion. 
But if Otto von Bismarck can also be designated "The Iron Chancellor" why can't 
we call The Self by other names? 

 "At the name of Jesus every knee should bow . . ." Well, why not? But 
understand that "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet".



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 I have come to see an overall picture a bit like this. There are ordained and 
necessary stepping stones across the dangerous swell to the bank on the other 
side, all made with slightly different patterns in order to bring the eager 
wayfarer and dedicated pilgrim to the safety of dry land. They are essential 
and all have their part to play and no stone should be dislodged.


 According to my understanding, I would say in the first instance, that in 
Christ Jesus is found simplicity and approachability by anyone with a will – 
something too simple for the mind of the religionist, it would appear, as shown 
by the attachments added to the life and death of Jesus which have culminated 
in various complicated doctrinal beliefs, many based upon a spiritual concept 
being literalised into an erroneous assumption (i.e. that a metaphysical belief 
brings so-named salvation) because it has not been approached with the 
innocence (not naivety) of a child.
 Not all can understand scriptures nor listen attentively to sages expounding 
their expression of the truth that they wish to make known. But all can see the 
beauty and gentleness and loving-kindness and courage and noble-cause and mercy 
of the tender Stranger who laid down a path that any one may see and recognise.
 In that faithful Example, that true Way (which includes meditation and prayer 
and retreating into the Silence of the desert or mountain), so is expressed all 
that can bring to the soul not only spiritual evolution but also relief from 
the burning and burning of remorse when this short life is over and the owner 
of the soul awakens in another condition of life to meet the results of their 
earth journey for good and for ill.
 In the manifestation of Jesus of Nazareth is found the "The image of the 
invisible God", "the radiance of God's glory and the exact representation of 
His nature", " the fullness of the Godhead dwelling bodily", "The begotten God 
who is in the bosom of the Father, He (Christ) unfolds Him (the Father)" and in 
His (Christ's) face is "the light of the knowledge of the glory of God".
 It seems clear to me that no human can truly fathom the Divine nature of the 
man Jesus even though a man He was, and yet so unlike the men and women who 
followed Him. Yet in Him, I believe, is the bridge between a man or woman or 
child and the "God whom no man has ever seen". In Jesus the Christ can be found 
the channel, the conduit, the Door that secures the Way over the dark abyss 
caused by the adverse effects of free-willed beings violating universal 
spiritual laws of Divine Love over the aeons through selfishness and ignorance.
 So in Jesus is found the most openly accessible Way or Emblem to the universal 
brotherhood and sisterhood in the Divine Being, who rather than being just an 
influence and far more than a Force, is sentient in a way that cannot as yet be 
grasped in these material conditions. An approachable availability is 
demonstrated for many upon this Earth, and, as I see it, such ease of access is 
also put into good and essential use in the Hereafter where necessary, in a far 
reaching way.
 So yes, the sages and wise men of all ages have shown mankind the Way forward 
as far as spiritual progression is concerned, and yet in the simplicity and 
humility of the expression of Divine Love found in Jesus Christ is cemented 
into the consciousness of humanity a figure or vision which, on the very 
instant it arises in the mind, can bring the embodiment of the wholeness and 
fullness of an ineffable and unthinkable Divine Nature to both little child and 
mature adult alike.
 Many wonderful gifts has the Absolute One showered upon humanity over the 
ages, and yet in the very thought of perfect humility and Love becoming 
manifest as yet another gift to humanity is, in itself, unthinkable in its 
fuller connotations. Simple and yet deeply profound - and a gift (of Himself) 
that a pure and burning Love could not fail to bestow upon those for whom the 
great Heart forever beats.

 After saying this, I would also say please do not take this too literally, 
spiritual consciousness is far more forgiving as far as concepts and beliefs 
are concerned than the limitations imposed by words either written or spoken.


 That is just my opinion.
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