Cult of the Supreme Being, a Spiritual movement started by Maximilien 
Robespierre, (1758 - 1794); based on Deist principles.  Apparently, some people 
in the Committee took his intentions the wrong way, claiming he looked like 
Moses coming down from the Mountain, and that he wanted to install himself as 
 The Festival took place on June 8, 1794, but thereafter his reputation went 
downhill at least among those yielding the Guillotine (the National Razor).
 Maximilien Robespierre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
 Maximilien Robespierre - Wikipedia, the free encycl...
 Maximilien François Marie Isidore de Robespierre (IPA: [ɛ̃ 
fʁɑ̃.swa ma.ʁi i.zi.dɔʁ də ʁɔ.bɛs.pjɛʁ]; 6 May 1758 – 28 July 1794) was a 
French lawyer a...
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