Wake up and smell the endemic corruption, Mike. Illegal immigration is HUGELY 
supported by corporations like ADM and the Mormons over at Marriott. There are 
indications our economy would not survive without the millions of undocumented 
workers picking our fruits and veggies, and cleaning our hotel/motel rooms. 
This isn't some unconsciously lax policy that made its way into our 
infrastructure by mistake. It is deliberate, with deliberate suppression of any 
attempts to legalize the process. Trump is telling us what we want to hear, but 
no way in hell is the Establishment going to stop illegal (wink, wink) 
immigration. It makes them waaay too much money. The Feds like it too, as all 
those purloined Social Security numbers pay into the system, with no chance of 
a pay out. A Wall - what a joke. The money makers would prefer a moving walkway 
facing North. 
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 And my point is that governments have the right to tax whatever they want to 
tax. They can just as easily tax remittances by people without work permits, 
collected by banks that issue cashiers checks, money orders, credit cards, 
personal checks  etc. Just because they worked for it doesn't mean it can't be 
taxed. Chances are, that if they truly had low paying jobs, they didn't pay 
income tax on it anyway, yet benefit from others who  do and our social system.

 And if a politician is elected that wants to build a wall and tax remittances 
, then the voters have spoken. Actually the wall  has already been approved and 
authorized but never completed. 

 It's not that difficult to check who has a work permit.It;s called E-verify. 
One can electronically check to see if a SS# is authentic.
 Your argument that it would be expensive and time consuming is the same 
argument industries used to avoid warning labels and content labels on 
packaging and requiring safe products on the market.
 Of course no wall will keep 100% of undocumented out. No one ever said it 
would. But if built right, it could slow it to trickle or a manageable 
level.Instead of putting the effort to find a way around or over or under, 
those that really wanted to come would have an easier time of applying to come 
legally instead of the other way around. Drugs, criminals, the already deported 
could be kept out easier.
 Local citizens will be more than willing to mow the grass, trim the bushes, 
clean the pool, shovel the stalls if it was worth their while. They've done it 
before and will do it again... for fifteen an hour. LOL

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 Ahem.... the government has taken money out of every pay check that I have 
ever  earned. It was my money, I earned it. What right do they have to take my 
money, that I worked for and give it to someone who hasn't worked for it?

 Exactly, so how is it okay for the government to determine that the rest of 
your money can't be spent in the way you choose? You're only emphasizing my 

  Highway robbery? No, it's called taxation. Governments can do whatever  they 
want with your money... just pass a law! Stinks doesn't it.


 Not really. It is not quite as simple as simply passing laws "they like". 
There is an actual process that goes along with that including voting for the 
people you believe will pass laws you agree with. In addition, I have no 
problem with paying my fair share of taxes - how else are you supposed to run a 

 How are they going to monitor it? The same way they do every other business 
transaction in banking. Through banking laws regarding money transfers to 
foreign countries.

 There are lots of other ways to send money than through banks, Mike. Do you 
realize how expensive and time consuming it would be to first determine who and 
what status they possess is sending money? Then you have to have passed laws 
that forbid such a thing as spending your own money in the way you choose and 
then you have to decide how to punish this offender as well as tie up the legal 
system to try and to implement the punishment. Give your head a shake.

 Of course, illegals could always send cash through the mail.. if they want to 
risk it.
  Love your second sentence. "Americans willing to hire illegals.." Yep, they 
are violating the law also. BTW, you're not supposed to call them 
*illegals*.... it's *dehumanizing* or some such thing. Not P.C. Your already 
sounding like Trump!

 I figured you would like that term, so I used it.

 Building a wall, a good wall, will bring the flow of illegal aliens from south 
of the border to a trickle or at least make it more manageable. Israel did the 
same and it has worked marvelously on reducing terrorism. It will also be an 
aid to keep illegal drugs and their *mules* from south of the border from 
getting here , reducing crime. At least it will stop or nearly stop any 
increase of illegal immigration in the future. At that point, I think most 
citizens are willing to negotiate what the fate of those currently residing 
here, illegally, will be. And then there is always the mandatory use of 
e-verify but employers. Employers and renters would be required to use an 
electronic monitoring system to insure that people that they hire have a valid 
Social Security number or work permit. And if caught hiring or renting to 
illegals,they  could be heavily fined.  With no place to work or live, illegals 
would begin their own deportation back home or even .... Canada! Of course out 
of our own generosity, the government could offer *free* bus rides to the 
border.... South or North.

 No wall is going to keep everyone out, Mike. There has never been a wall built 
that could contain all those who take a fancy to scaling that wall. A wall will 
never, ever be built. Face it. It ranks as one of the stupidest and most 
simplistic suggestions anyone has ever made to "solve" the "problem" of those 
wanting to enter the country in order to work/find a better life. Nope, a wall 
alone will do nothing because you have to have thousands to monitor that wall 
for hundreds and hundreds of miles. Plus, keeping Mexicans out of the US might 
create more problems than it solves and will certainly inconvenience all sorts 
of well-heeled who need their shrubs trimmed and pools cleaned. 

 P.S. You might have to shell out a few more bucks to coax a local citizen to 
take care of your horses. You might start by offering $15 an hour.

 Er, no one looks after my horses except me. I don't hire Mexicans like a lot 
of California circuit riders. And $15 per hour is pretty cheap.

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 That's pretty much how I figured he would do it, except  I was thinking more 
in line of a tax on money transfers to Mexico. The plan really sounds 
reasonable.. They (illegals) violate our immigration laws and the Mexican 
government actually encourages it because they are the beneficiaries of illegal 
immigration. They need to pay their *fair share* of the problem that they help 
to create. Mexico doesn't tolerate Central Americans illegally immigrating to 
their country. Ten billion is a small price to pay to keep an annual cash flow 
of 25 billion. I don't really understand how you can call that *stooping low*.

 Because these people earned this money, it is theirs to spend it any way they 
like. If Americans willingly hire illegals to work then they know what the hell 
they're doing - they're hiring labor that might be the only ones willing to do 
the job that needs doing for the amount of money they are willing to pay. It 
takes two to tango. Once that money is earned, the earner can do with it as 
they like - if that means sending it to other family members or whatever it is 
they are doing then that is their right. Plus, monitoring who is sending what 
and how they are sending it would be impossible. Not to mention, Trump is going 
to deport all 8 million illegal Mexicans as soon as he sits in the Oval Office 
so how is he going to keep the illegals who he already kicked out from sending 
money to a place where he already deported the illegals to? It just keeps 
getting funnier and funnier.

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