Old TM teachers had a relationship more directly to Maharishi in being 
cultivated and certified by him and under essential understanding in 
relationship to use what they learned from him without letting money get in the 
way of people learning to meditate.


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 There was a further mercantile shift in administration of old TM after 
Maharishi.  The complete change over after Maharishi was handled most 
unfortunately by a strong mind of making old testament like judgments about old 
teachers and then retributions by some business-minded group consciousness of 
some wealthy fanatical followers, ..as Feste here reduces how they 'frame' it. 
Sounds so rational but was poorly handled. 

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 You know, the TMO has always operated in a cliquish manner. When you first get 
initiated ,everything is cool. You belong to a unique group of people *saving 
the world*. But then you notice various cliques have formed. There are plane 
ol' meditaters,( the lowest of the low, that nobody wants to hang with) sidhas, 
pre-teachers, Teachers, Governors, Rajas, Maharajas, ministers of this and 
that, administrators, cooks and dish washer, etc
 Disenfranchising a group could have the effect of making them scramble to get 
in a better position, even if it costs them a lot of money to *belong*.
 Thank God, I don't want to *belong*!
 I don't remember how many teachers Maharishi trained before this 
recertification program started but imagine getting every, or nearly every, 
teacher to plop down a couple of thousand bucks just to maintain their status. 
Might pay some bills with that kind of cash. Plus, you can tighten your grip on 
confidentiality of the teaching process.


 I think I managed to avoid all of this messy stuff by not becoming an 
initiator. It just never appealed to me - all that standardized code of 
behavior and dress and conduct. I simply enjoyed the technique and MIU back in 
the 70's was really a gas - a demographically diverse student body and a 
feeling of tapping into something special in terms of the curriculum and how it 
related to SCI. I'm not sure how it feels on the campus now, but back then it 
was perfectly timed for who I was and what I needed. Consequently, no hard 
feelings and I simply moved on. The Robin adventure was sort of like stealing a 
car and going for a wild joy ride having imbibed a six pack. You sort of wake 
up one day with a hangover and wonder what the hell happened but don't regret 
the adventure.

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 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Meditators Should Come (back) to the Domes 
the next 4-5 weeks ~ Important time for coherence in consciousness
 Yes a lot of old TM teachers feel cut this way.  
 I hear this a lot and this is very much related to how people feel about 
attending the group meditation in the Domes here. Meditators have been 
separated and excluded in a number of ways that need to be directly 
acknowledged and remediated for attendance to improve with the 'collective 

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 One doesn't need a license to teach TM.
 So, you want the *state* to regulate the TM movement on how to operate?

 Bet Maharishi would have taken his knowledge and money and left in a heart 
Hot under the collar? You can perceive it that way. I just say I washed my 
hands of their foolishness. I know a shake down when I see it. I don't need 
them anymore than they need me.


 That's a ridiculous comment. I was just making the point that people need to 
keep up with developments in their field, and that is all that recertification 


 ---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <mdixon.6...@yahoo.com> wrote :

 One doesn't need to take two weeks off to travel cross country to learn the 
latest information. If a teacher's knowledge  wasn't sufficient to teach 
anymore, then it never was sufficient to teach in the first place. What kind of 
teachers did Maharishi create? The fact is , it was a money maker for the TMO 
and I'm assuming intended for  signing a new contract, tightening controls on 
the teacher. Not one teacher came out of that program a better teacher but a 
better controlled teacher....maybe.


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 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Meditators Should Come (back) to the Domes 
the next 4-5 weeks ~ Important time for coherence in consciousness

   Many professions have a continuing ed. requirement which you have to fulfill 
iin order to keep your license to practice. I see nothing wrong at all in 
requiring recertification for teachers, so I'm puzzled about why you are so ho 
under the collar about it.  


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 Doug, the TM movement keeps shooting it's self in the foot with it's policies. 
I guess the straw that broke the Camel's back for me was saying I couldn't 
initiate anyone  again unless I came back to Fairfield at their convenience, 
paid them a couple of thousand dollars and get re certified. I took that as a 
shakedown for money because they were hurting due to their own failed policies. 
Screw them and the horse they road in on. *Chances* are, I probably would never 
have initiated anyone again as it was but who knows. I'll honor their desire 
for me not to teach but If anyone ever asks me about a meditation technique, 
I'll send them to AOL before the TMO.

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 Subject: [FairfieldLife] Re: Meditators Should Come (back) to the Domes the 
next 4-5 weeks ~ Important time for coherence in consciousness

 How could it have got so bad with the numbers meditating in the Fairfield Dome 
 That people can't or won't come back to the recall?

---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <dhamiltony2k5@...> wrote :

 According to published records, by July 1975 in the USA, just itself alone, 
had 5799 TM initiators. Now we can't get much better than a very couple of 
hundred meditating in the men's Dome together. 
  After 1975 some more TM teachers and then TM governors were trained up in 
years following. With 'citizens' added, something like 29000 people learned the 
TM-sidhis in North America.
  Now the Dome program gets 200 plus men to the Dome group meditation and some 
smallish number of women are over meditating in their location. 
  People moved here to Fairfield to be a part of something large when the group 
meditation had two thousand or more attending.

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 How could it have got to be so bad with the numbers in the Fairfield Dome 

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 'Collective meditation' was a major major tenet of Maharishi's all along, 
there quite evidently has been a failure of an administration of the 
meditation, a failure that affected people's feelings about coming out for the 
communal collective meditation. This is going to take a change in leadership 
culture to re-group the collapse of the Dome group TM meditation program.

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 MMY: "This is what happens in the Golden Domes,
 a wave of infinity spreads from one end of the Dome to the other end. But the 
wave is not constrained by the walls. It permeates the whole collective 
conscious ~the whole field of unmanifest infinity. This is what you are here 
for. And as the group gets larger and larger, your experience will become more 
profound."     -July 2006, MMY inaugurating the Invincible America Assembly

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 The movement’s administrative guidelines for the group meditation should be 
such that all of the guidelines can be put on to a web page, publicly for 
anyone to read.  If that can’t be done then there is something wrong with the 
guidelines or the persons holding them.

---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <dhamiltony2k5@...> wrote :

 The guidelines for the Dome meditation could be much streamlined down to what 
it essentially takes to administrate a course.  It is fair that there be 
guidelines for the running of any organization, meeting or course.  But these 
go beyond practicality. 

---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <dhamiltony2k5@...> wrote :

 The movement’s guidelines as they exist essentially are tools of retribution 
that for decades have driven a whole movement of meditators away.  

 It will take some large leadership to change that.  Their problem now is that 
this has gone on so long and the hurt enough that people have gone on, don’t 
care, and will not come back. It would take a large mediation to turn this 
around and have meditators come back to the Domes.  

---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <dhamiltony2k5@...> wrote :

 A large barrier to world peace here is the administrative guidelines 
themselves that are employed to interrogate and discipline old TM teachers as a 
gatekeeping to the group meditation. There is a judgement and retributive edge 
in there, a vindictiveness held in the guidelines that is of a stiffness in the 
business of the minds of some people in charge of the movement that has long 
thwarted the group meditation.  It is a cultural problem deep inside TM.  

---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <dhamiltony2k5@...> wrote :

 At the level of the practitioner it can all feel too much like going in to an 
interview with a McCarthy committee or the old East German police as someone 
starts an application for a Dome meditation badge.

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 That is funny. Taping Rick's thesis to the doors?   In these times it would be 
scotch taping a thesis to the glass Dome doors or pinning them
 on the walls nearby the doors where people read 
 announcements as they come and go in to the Domes.

 " ..the historicity of the hammer blows of Wittenberg. In fact, the door of 
the Castle Church did serve as the official university bulletin board and was 
regularly used for exactly the kind of announcement Luther made when he called 
for a public disputation on indulgences.   But whether the event happened at 
two o'clock in the afternoon--or at all--is not the point. Copies of Luther's 
theses were soon distributed by humanist scholars all over Europe. Within just 
a few weeks, an obscure Augustinian monk in a backwater university town had 
become a household name and was the subject of chatter from Lisbon to 


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 Someone could nail Rick's old message to the University door.:-) 

 Reformation Day: Did Martin Luther really nail 95 theses on the castle door? 
 Reformation Day: Did Martin Luther really nail 95 theses... 
Millions of Christians still celebrate Oct. 31 as the symbolic beginning of the 
Protestant Reformation.

 View on www.al.com 
 Preview by Yahoo 


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 Are the three Drs. at the top of TM 15 years too late?  


 15 years ago as FairfieldLife at Yahoo-groups was born as a sounding board for 
the larger meditating community it was said then:


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