I'm not that familiar with the current developments in computer gadgets.  And i 
didn't watch any TV last night.  I just wrote what appeared in my dream, which 
can be caused by the movement of the Moon through the zodiac.  IMO, there is 
definite a link between the human mind and the Moon.  It's a form of cosmic 
communication link to the past or future.

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 Huh?  You can already download stuff on cars that are enabled like tablets 
with wireless.  Or you can just use your phone or tablet and connect the car's 
media system to it.  Been around for awhile.  I've done streaming radio that 
way for years. No expensive car necessary but of course the media build-in and 
wireless versions came first on high end cars.  But you don't need nothing much 
more than an inexpensive FM transmitter or a car radio with a line in to do 
that with older cars (mines a 1998).
 Residual memory from TV ad caused your dream?
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   I had a dream last night of how lectures, presentations and business 
meetings will be conducted in the future.  It featured the use of cars as a 
device to download information which can be played in the car itself.  the car 
can be driven into a parking lot where the information can be downloaded.  No 
money was exchanged in the transaction.  Apparently, the customer ID can be 
obtained during the downloading process and can be charged later through credit 
cards.  The cars were brand new and featured expensive cars, like a BMW and an 
Alfa Romeo.
 The characters featured well dressed businessmen, like a young version of Troy 
Aikman, the former QB, who acted politely and efficiently as the the process 
was conducted.
 I checked the prashna of the moment to see the alignment of the planets last 
night.  It turned out that the Moon was in conjunction with Mercury in Aries.  
In jyotish, the Moon represents the mind and Mercury represents communications 
and business.  Aries signifies the head of the Cosmic Man or leadership.  So, 
there you have it.


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