Sources say that Wm. Penn had honorable dealings with the Indians, but 
apparently his Sons John and Thomas resorted to dishonest manipulations in the 
Walking Purchase affair of 1737.  The purchase by the Penn Family was based on 
an area of land based on an estimated walking distance of 40 miles.  The 
Delaware Indian rep Chief Lappawinsoe  believed that the runner doing the 
walking would rest along the way and perhaps kill some squirrels and smoke.  
Not so.  The Penn Family hired the Colony's 3 fastest runners, one of which 
covered 70 miles.  Then by manipulating the map,  a land area equaling the 
Rhode Island was carved out and the Indians got ripped off. Bad karma indeed!

 Walking Purchase - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 
 Walking Purchase - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The 
Walking Purchase (or Walking Treaty) was a purported 1737 agreement between the 
Penn family, the proprietors of Pennsylvania, and the Lenape (also k...
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