An aspect of Rallying proly depends on the ratios of volunteer citizens, 
professional or conscript soldiers of the army, or meditators in a movement as 
in the case here in Fairfield with the TM movement. Though a good leadership 
can turn the heart of an army or a movement by instance.   
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 That's a good point.  Iraq doesn't have good leadership.  Their country is in 
turmoil and it shows in the battlefield.


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 Achieving group cohesion and morale.  This is interesting.  It takes some 
special leadership to cultivate and represent mission to genuinely gather a 
group and then again to regroup the flight of a people who have lost their 
morale and drop or straggle out of line.   It is a lot like what we are seeing 
in the flight of the Dome numbers here.   Poorly led, it reflects a lot of poor 

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 The troops assigned to retake Mosul, Iraq from ISIS fleed from the fight when 
the shooting started.  It appears that the soldiers are not motivated to fight. 
 How can they win even with an overwhelming air force support?  This episode is 
beginning to be an embarrassment for the Iraqi people.

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