That expo, looks interesting.  I like the idea that you can take the BART 
train to get there.  The speakers are fairly well known in the YouTube 
channels.  It would have been  more interesting if they had a few jyotishis or 
ayurvedic doctors in the speaking schedule.  But this weekend is a little too 
hectic for me.


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 Actually that message was meant for JR.  Unless you and Card want to take a 
vimana to the SF Bay Area. :-D 
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[FairfieldLife] wrote:

   I predict that in nine months there is gonna be a whole bunch of babies 
named *Vimana*.

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 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Hmmm...vimaana found in Afghanistan!?
 BTW, you do know there is a New Living Expo this weekend at the San Mateo 
Event Center?
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 Secret5000 Year Old Vimana Found!
 Secret5000 Year Old Vimana Found! "It looks like in 2010 the U.S. Military 
discovered an ancient cave in Afghanistan. The cave contained a 5,000 year old 
spacecraft known as a Vimana. ...

 View on 
 Preview by Yahoo 

 vimAna , f. {I} 1 measuring, traversing, pervading, esp. the sky. -- m. n. 
sky-chariot (of gods etc.), waggon i.g.; palace, tower; n. extension, measure. 




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