Yes, is a nice stylized succinct narrative from a cultural place or time. From 
another time this could have been a sharing by an old Quaker.  



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 Gopi Krishna describes his everpresent 24/7 Kundalini experience, in terms of 
direct perception (all-pervasive Light).  Note: the "Awakening" he describes is 
in no way similar to the "Awakenings" described by most of the Batgappers.  
Only a few of them describe anything close to what G.K. describes.
 Starting at exactly 53 min., his description of personal experience goes on 
for about 10 min. (so fast forward to 53 min then listen attentively).

 Awakening of Kundalini Gopi Krishna
 Awakening of Kundalini Gopi Krishna Most Scientific Psycho 
Physiological Explanation on Kundalini by Gopi Krishna

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