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 I just read this. Isn't Tony Nader one of the Rajas? Or is he just a 
scientist/doctor? Not having been a follower of what goes on in the TM Movement 
since 1985 I presume this is news - the fact that he has some bucks? If you're 
a Raja don't you have had to have donated a wheelbarrow full of money or 
something? If that is the case, the amount is $1m (?) then it comes as no 
surprise that someone has a lot more than that in their bank account. Only an 
idiot would donate $1m and not have at least $10m in the bank, minimum. 

 This is the TMO doing what it does best. Soliciting donations for it's "world 
plan for world peace, bringing enlightenment and prosperity to all nations" and 
then spending it all on real estate.

 They have big plans you see, the idea has always a world wide network of 
palaces and embassies for the "rajas", but no one would pay for that directly 
so they get you with the old "pundit program" scam, it still seems to work, get 
a maniac like John Hagelin to make it all sound scientific with a video about 
string theory, and everyone will think it's valid in some sort of demonstrable 
way, Before you know it the millions are rolling in from the hopeful flock who 
have been brainwashed for decades with crap about vedas and  physics and now 
vedas and physiology.

 I do remember them saying that they'd give refunds in future if the "peace 
creating" pundit groups didn't happen. Well they didn't happen, not even 
slightly. This recent layout of funds on big houses for the bigwigs gives the 
lie to that. It should be obvious that not even they believe all that 
"coherence creating" bullshit, the question is: What are TMers going to do 
about it? 

 I'm sure you all received the letter I did recently, about doubling your 
monthly donation for the yagya programme? Bet you didn't think it was going on 
flying lessons for the King, expensive jeweller for his wife, or expensive - 
and non TM - schools for their kids.

 Keep the money rolling in, Heaven on Earth awaits. Just not for you....


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