Netflix has a film called "3 Days in Havana" which has some great shots of Havana in it. Folks might notice that not all the cars are of 1950s origin.

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I must have been 5 or 6.

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Haaaaaa!!!!!! Beat ya! My family went to Havana by boat around '57 or '58*.
We also took our car. Stayed in the Havana Hilton. It had bullet holes on it! I don't remember a whole lot but do remember passing through military check points leaving the city to drive through the countryside.

Cool. Sometime read "Havana Nocturne", really great history of the Mob and its relationship to Cuba. Very easy read.

I was only about 2 when you went to Cuba. How old are you anyway?

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'Very emotional': 1st cruise from a U.S. port in nearly 40 years arrives in Cuba <>

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'Very emotional': 1st cruise from a U.S. port in... <> The first U.S. cruise ship in nearly 40 years crossed the Florida Straits from Miami and docked in Havana on Monday, restarting commercial travel on waters th...
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Still, I'm glad I went there last year before too many gringos will arrive.

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